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Microsoft’s 3D Printed Xylophone Player Performs The Windows XP Jingle

It’s common knowledge by now that Microsoft has a maker space on its campus called the Microsoft Garage. Employees use the facility to explore new ideas and the company even holds an internal “science fair” for employees to show off their latest creations. Recently, Microsoft decided to show off one of the projects that came out of its makerspace – …

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Microsoft Opens A Maker Space On Its Campus

If you have a 3D printer, you can create a maker space. Private entities and public institutions are opening them all over the country to encourage others to express their creativity through 3D printing and other rapid prototyping tools. Now Microsoft is getting in on the action. Since 2009, Microsoft has allowed its employees to work on experimental projects in …

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UPS Store To Offer 3D Printing Services To Small Businesses

UPS is all about delivering packages and then refusing to leave them on your doorstep even when you politely request that they do so. Now the package delivery company is expanding its service into a surprising area – 3D printers. UPS announced today that it will be bringing 3D printers to select UPS Stores this year. The new service will …

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Chicago Public Library To Open 3D Printer Space

I think we can all agree that libraries are pretty awesome. Now one library in Chicago is becoming even more awesome by offering 3D printing to the public. The Chicago Public Library is opening what it calls the CPL Innovation Lab on the third floor of the Harold Washington Library Center. The space will have three 3D printers, two laser …

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