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Kendall Jenner Chosen As New Estée Lauder Spokesperson

On Saturday, November 15, it was announced that Kendall Jenner has been chosen as the new face of Estée Lauder, the iconic cosmetics company. Kendall revealed the news on her Instagram with the message, “I am super excited to announce that I am the new face of @esteelauder!” Kendall was reportedly tapped by the company because of her ability to …

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Olivia Wilde Dishes On Her Devil Horn Eyebrows

Olivia Wilde was chosen as a Revlon cosmetics spokesperson because of her undeniable beauty, however even someone like Wilde has some issues when it comes to her beauty regime. “I wish I could do a red lip, but I’m more comfortable with a bold eye,” the 29-year-old actress said. “I know once I do the eye, it’s done. Inevitably, I’m …

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Kat Von D’s Lipstick Has Offensive Name

Kat Von D’s newest lipstick is stirring up controversy over the name: “Celebutard”. The lipstick is the newest addition to her lip color line, Painted Love. After parents of children with disabilities, and different organizations caused an uproar over the name, Sephora pulled the lipsticks from their shelves and issued an apology to those they offended. “It has come to …

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Marilyn Manson Unrecognizable in Cameo Appearance

Marilyn Manson’s signature trademark is his intense make-up. However, the 44 year-old, gothic rocker, was photographed while on the set of the HBO series, “Eastbound & Down”, with no make-up and actually looking quite normal. “It was pretty insane that Marilyn Manson was a fan of the show. He came to the season-two premiere. Jody and I are both fans …

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