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Visto Hammers Seven And Sues RIM

Wireless email provider Visto prevailed in a patent infringement suit against Yahoo and Sprint partner Seven Networks; Visto’s attorneys celebrated by filing a lawsuit against BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

Windows Live Mail Has a Philosophy?

As I go around Microsoft I ask teams “are you just gonna sell your participants/partners/users/customers down the river or are you gonna stand up for them?”

Fiasco! AOL Censoring Critics’ Mail?

The high drama surrounding AOL’s arrangement with Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail service was further escalated Thursday after MoveOn.org, one of the company’s most brutal critics, announced that AOL had blocked emails containing links to MoveOn’s petition site, DearAOL.com.

InfoUSA Unzips Online Direct Mail Program

InfoUSA is set to launch its new online direct mail program called ZipMailUSA.com to all subscribers of their online prospecting system, Salesgenie.com.

Corporations Smackdown Users On Web Services

Security fears over viruses, bandwidth hogging, and the terror of violating government regulatory laws have prompted big business to put the squeeze on their staffer’s needs.

Yahoo UK Users Receive New Mail Beta
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The vaunted Yahoo Mail update has been rolled out to its UK users as part of a wider beta test of the service’s new functionality.

White Papers In Business-To-Business Direct Mail Lead Generation: How To Name Them

Yes, white papers are an effective way to generate leads with business buyers. But the tricky part is getting your white paper into the hands of those buyers in the first place.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Power Play

Participating in the first UK preview of Windows Live in London last Thursday evening was a worthwhile experience.

Opportunities 2006 – Integration

2006 is going to be a year where the creators of web technology have the opportunity to make their services better in terms of integration, usability, and usefulness.

Web site IP Filtering

We’ve talked here before about filtering IP traffic by source for mail servers.

Users Satisfied With Google Search, Yahoo Mail
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Yahoo got top marks in a J.D. Power online services satisfaction study for web mail and instant messaging, while Google topped the search satisfaction review.

Web Mail Still Second To Local ISP Mail

So far, web based email has yet to take over the friendly neighborhood ISP provided email services, according to JD Power and Associates.

T-Mobile Gives Yahoo Mail Blackberry

The kids at T-Mobile and Research in Motion (RIM) got together today and unleashed their newest toy, the Blackberry 7105t. The new toy has “Blackberry Internet E-Mail,” which allows users to access they’re Yahoo! Mail from their Blackberry.

This Is Your Brain On Marketing

There are things people like and things they don’t, but 80 percent of that information is buried deep within the brain.

Yahoo Launches New Mail Beta

Today, Yahoo announced the launch of a new beta version of Yahoo Mail. It is so far only available to a handful of people, but will become available to all Yahoo Mail users within the next few months.

Yahoo Moves Up Their Mail

Yahoo just added some groovy features to their email system called Yahoo!Mail. Free email services have become one of the search/portal battlegrounds and Yahoo continues its efforts to advance in the market, especially since Google put their Gmail into an open user category.

Fox Buying Ads For Prison Break

MarketerToday notes that Fox is buying Google ads for searches for its new hit show “Prison Break”.

Yahoo Debuts Mail Search Features

Yahoo begins rolling out new mail search features to some of its users today, and plans to have it available to all in the coming months.

5 Ways To Stop Spam From Reaching Your Mail Box

UCE or unsolicited commercial email is getting worse by the day and Microsoft has announced that in the future it will be developing a system in which email sending and receiving will be like our postal mail where a digital stamp has to be bought to send it. But until then marketers online will be continuing to send emails to potential customers in the hope of converting some of the leads that they buy into buying customers.

GOOG Price Target Set At $400

Prudential analyst Mark Rowen gave Google’s stock a price target today of $400. If you were wondering why Google’s stock has rebounded …

Snail Mail Stamps Suddenly Hot Online Business

Two Internet companies have begun to roll out services where users can customize postage stamps.