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Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.

Yahoo Raises The Email Stakes

Beginning in May, Yahoo email users will have unlimited storage available to keep all of their messages and attachments in the service.

Can Newspapers Be Social Networks?

So USA Today

Mapping Obsession with Yahoo Mail

In one sense it’s kind of cool that apparent addresses are underlined in Yahoo Mail now, allowing you to generate a map, enter them into a new contact, etc.

However, this thing’s overzealous. Quite often I want to cut and paste some contents of an email, but the underlined text wants to fire up a map instead of behave.

Yahoo Messenger in Mail and Google AJAX News Bar

Yahoo has started integrating Yahoo Messenger into Yahoo Mail, just like Google did with Gmail over a year ago. Because of Yahoo’s cool tabbed IM interface, the IM window is full size, supersized even, making for lots of room for avatars, rich text editing controls, and timestamps.

Google Shares Quality Score, Changes AdWords Algo.
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Google is planning changes for its AdWords Quality Score. First of all, they will let us see the Quality Score. A mail to the same effect was received by Shimon Sandler. The mail read that:

Email & IM Integration: Yahoo! or Yawnhoo?

Yahoo has announced the integration of Yahoo Mail with Yahoo instant messenger. This new functionality of Yahoo messenger will apparently make it possible to send and receive instant messages right from your Yahoo Mail (beta) interface.

Yahoo Weds Mail, Messenger Together

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Yahoo brings two services into an integrated communications package. Yahoo Mail beta users should start to see the Messenger functionality first discussed in November 2006.

Mail Call For Windows Live Hotmail
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The new email service from Microsoft will receive a name that combines the familiar Hotmail name with the heavily-backed Windows Live brand.

Ultimately we think faithful Hotmail users will continue to call the Windows Live branded service by the name they have known for over ten years. Long-time users who recall Hotmail’s origins may remember the various obstacles Microsoft encountered in 1997 when they bought Hotmail and moved it from Solaris to Windows servers.

Yahoo Mail Feels The Need For Speed

The Yahoo Mail beta offers sophisticated desktop client-like email features, but in terms of speed has demonstrated a dismayingly slow loading pace. It’s an issue that Yahoo has been working to fix.

Flickr and Delicious Usability Review

Balakumar does a visual usability review (in the style of the recent Windows Live Mail review). He starts off his post with:

Yahoo E-Mail Offers “Instant Chatification”
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Yahoo has plans to add an instant messaging service to their Yahoo Mail. It will be following the model of Google’s Gmail which added IM several months a go. Yahoo Mail has an estimated 250 million users and is currently more widely used then Gmail.

Yahoo! to Open Mail API to Programmers and Mashers

Yahoo announced at Yahoo Hack Day that they’ll open Yahoo Mail, so programmers can develop extensions and new interfaces for Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo’s Browser Based Authentication Launched

Last night I mentioned that we’d have a few more announcements on the Yahoo! Developer Network today.

New Version Of Windows Live Mail Desktop

The Windows Live Mail Desktop team has released a new version.

Yahoo Mail Beta Delivered To All

Yahoo has some 80 million users in the United States, and the next time they login to check their email they will be offered the opportunity to switch to the Outlook-like Yahoo Mail Beta version.

Who are You? Yahoo! Mail and Search Engine Results

“Personalization” on the web is becoming very popular. Sites like MySpace and Yahoo! seem to go to great lengths to allow users to create their own “identities” online – both intellectually and physically.

MySpace vs. Yahoo Mail or Apples vs. Oranges

It’s pretty amusing watching everyone misinterpret the recently released Hitwise data. Claims of “MySpace Bigger than Yahoo!” sure make for good headlines, but only if “good” means “attention grabbing” not “based in reality.”

Windows Live Mail Gets Active Search

In conjunction with Microsoft’s recently launched MSN adCenter, the company unveiled a new feature for the Beta version of Windows Live Mail Desktop called “Active Search” that conducts automatic searches related to email content while serving up targeted contextual sponsored links.

Yahoo Tops Google In Mail, News, Finance
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Google owns the search market, but for other content types the number two search engine company has first place in those categories.

Download Windows Live Mail Desktop
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A moderator at MSGShit has put up a download of Windows Live Mail Desktop, the closed beta desktop client for accessing Hotmail accounts.