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Postal Service Cuts Saturday Deliveries, But Who Will Be Most Affected?

The USPS has been the topic of much debate over the past couple of years as it reviews its options now that the digital world has seemingly rendered mail service near-obsolete. Though widespread email use has all but eliminated the need to send letters and many people are going paperless in an effort to be green, a lot of people …

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Can the Post Office Survive the Digital Age?

In an article earlier this year, we asked, “Is email killing the post office?” Well, the post office is not dead yet, but it’s not helping from the looks of it. The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t have the money it needs to pay its bills, and email and the web are clearly major factors. Can the post office survive the …

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Is Email Killing the Post Office?

Is email killing the post office? It’s not a new question. In fact, it’s been around nearly as long as the mainstream use of email itself, but it’s also not gone away, and the USPS has seen better days. I’m not normally one to buy too much into the typical x is killing y kind of hype, but the Postal …

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Amazon Against Post Office Ending Saturday Mail Delivery. Netflix Ok With it.

As you may know, there is talk that the U.S. Postal Service could end mail delivery on Saturdays. Internet companies that ship items to consumers don’t all have the same opinion on this matter, as is evidenced by comments from Amazon and Netflix.

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Yahoo Mail Socializing All About The Money

Company CEO Jerry Yang told CES 2008 attendees Yahoo Mail would become a much more socially aware application, able to tap into multiple social networks.

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Yahoo’s Future: Smarter Email And Mobiles

CEO Jerry Yang told the CES 2008 crowds about Yahoo’s plans to make its Mail client a social tool with all the widgets one could want.

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