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Peru Volcano Prompts Evacuations

A volcano in southwestern Peru called Ubinas began ejecting pyroclastic material into the sky in 2006, after over four decades of lying dormant. Recent volcanic activity has prompted officials to evacuate 60 residents of Querapi, a village near its base. The last state of emergency due to Ubinas activity occurred on April 23, 2006. Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said …

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Supervolcano: Is it Time for Another Eruption?

While the country concentrates on keeping warm this winter, Yellowstone National Park holds another concern of different temperatures. Yellowstone National Park holds the only supervolcano not under sea level, and it could erupt at any time. CNN tells us that according to Geophysicist Bob Smith who heads the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory at the University of Utah, it is more than …

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