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Conde Nast Delaying At Least One Site Relaunch

The economy seems to have pushed Conde Nast into an "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" state of mind.  New reports indicate that the giant publisher has postponed plans to relaunch one or more websites tied to its magazines.

This Cesspool We Call the Internet
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Eric Schmidt

Getting Away With Magazine Piracy
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Audio and Video aren’t the only forms of media being pirated on the Internet.

There is a site called Mygazines.com that thinks they can get away with allowing users to upload entire copies of magazines provided they simply acknowledge that they have purchased it.

Not surprisingly, the publishers aren’t too thrilled with this.

Some publishers have been reported to be preparing legal action, and the site’s days (at least in the current format) are likely numbered.

Time Inc. Setting Up Netflix-Like Magazine Site

Magazine subscriptions are strong commitments of a sort; after forking over a few bucks, you’re locked into receiving a single publication for a year (or more) or your life.  Time Inc. aims to loosen things up by launching a Netflix-style site for magazines called Maghound.

TNS: Internet display ads grab more revenue

A year over year look at first quarter spending in 2007 and 2008 showed online display advertising gaining well. The rest of the media industry…not so much.

What a Difference a URL Can Make
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Research shows that print ads that contain URLs  are up to three times as likely to drive readers to a website than those that don’t include them.

Not that this information comes as much of a surprise, but it is probably a tactic that many businesses still are not using.

The Research Shows…

Wal-Mart Drops 1,000 Magazine Titles

Wal-Mart is pulling more than 1,000 magazines from its stores.


Just about every major publisher will be affected. The retailer is thought to be responsible for generating more than 20 percent of all retail magazines in the U.S.