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O.C. Tanner Honored as One of CIO Magazine’s ‘Agile 100′

O.C. Tanner Recognition Company has been named one of CIO Magazine’s “Agile 100″ for the company’s ability to marry “IT agility with enterprise agility in order to move quickly, adapt intelligently and create advantage in a rapidly changing world,” according to the publication.

Anthem Recieves 2004 CIO 100 Award

Anthem, Inc. has been recognized by CIO magazine as a recipient of the “2004 CIO 100 Award.”

Creating an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET Part 1

With the rise of always-on Internet connections in homes and businesses, and the continued explosive growth of the World Wide Web and Internet-accessible applications, it is becoming more and more important for applications to be able to share data with each other. Sharing data among disparate platforms requires a platform-neutral data format that can be easily transmitted via standard Internet protocols-this is where XML fits in. Since XML files are essentially, simple text files with well-known encodings, and since there exist XML parsers for all commonly used programming languages, XML data can be easily consumed by any platform.

Dogpile Search Engine Toolbar Wins PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

Metasearch engine Dogpile has won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for their search toolbar. The issue is scheduled to come out on June 8, 2004. This award marks the third major industry award won by Dogpile this year.

New Product Spotlight

KANA has announced the release of its service resolution management (SRM) solutions, targeted to help reduce the costs associated with resolving customer issues through assisted and self-service applications. KANA SRM includes KANA Self-Service applications (to provide customers with multichannel tools and a service portal to help manage their relationship with the enterprise); KANA Assisted Service (to provide service agents with current and consistent knowledge); and KANA Proactive Service (for planning, automating, scheduling, and the delivery of outbound customer-service messages).

Blocking Mail Senders + The Power Of System Restore

Hi Carey,
I am trying to reduce the number of emails I receive. I see under messages, there is a block senders list; however, I guess I don’t fully understand what to do. Please explain how to use this list and how it works.

Case Study: RightNow eService Center

Skechers USA Inc.’s Chairman and CEO Robert Greenberg is trying to stay one fashionable step ahead of the competition. The founder of L.A. Gear, a 1980s household name, now sells trendy footwear primarily targeted to 12- to 24-year-olds with his Skechers brand footwear. Currently, Skechers are sold in stores in more than 100 countries, through the company’s consumer catalog, and over its Web site.

.NET Compact Framework: More Best Practices

When you develop mobile applications within the Compact Framework, usability is a key consideration.

Apache Shared Modules in Delphi

Back in Issue 69 (May, 2001) of The Delphi Magazine in Apache Shared Modules, I looked at the Apache Web server running on Linux and how Kylix could be used to write CGI applications and also Apache shared modules or DSOs (the main thrust of the article). That was shortly after Kylix had been released, and discussed how to overcome a variety of problems, including the fact that the standard Apache binary distribution is not suitable for using shared modules.

Securing SQL Server

In late January, a worm called SQL Slammer shut down a Bank of America ATM network, Continental Airlines’ online ticketing system, and an emergency call center in Seattle as well as cutting off Internet access for millions of PC users worldwide.

What’s the Windows XP PowerToys Fun Pack?

A. On April 22, 2003, Microsoft released the XP PowerToys Fun Pack. The Fun Pack contains the Windows XP Desktop Wallpaper Changer PowerToy, which changes your desktop wallpaper automatically at a set interval…

Microsoft Christens Windows Server System

As expected, yesterday Microsoft announced that the company is renaming its .NET Enterprise Servers to the Windows Server System, in keeping with previously announced plans to drop the .NET moniker from most of its product names.

Developer news: Abracode, PreFab update products

Abracode has updated Contextual Menu Workshop, the free framework for creating Contextual Menu plug-ins for Mac OS X, to version 1.4.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relations agencies do every year?

Case In Point: Get A Full-Page Magazine Ad Free

As you know, I am continually on the look out for innovative marketing ideas that bring a high return on investment. This one is truly creative! Thanks to Roosevelt Best of UK-based Naturally First and Astrology First for sharing his ingenuity – and his results – with us.

KARON: Hello Roosevelt. Thank you for taking the time to give us some details about this unusual (and highly effective) marketing idea.

Permission E-Mail Marketing

We all hate e-mail spam, right? I even have the coolest software program that will help you combat spam and actually bounces the spam e-mail straight back to the user. (http://www.mailwasher.net)

However, one thing that we often fail to admit (except in private) is the importance of permission e-mail marketing, where the members of your mailing list have given you permission to contact them, or where they’re past customers of yours. Obviously, these e-mail lists are always opt-out, so if someone chooses not to continue receiving information from you, they can easily get removed from the list.