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TV/Magazine Ads Are So Last Season

Teenagers are big on researching their fashion, but not big on buying clothing and apparel online, according to a survey sponsored by Yahoo!.

Search Marketing Mag Launching In May

Search Marketing Standard enters the turbulent world of print media publishing with a quarterly magazine debuting this summer.

Sports Marketing Vice-President Shares Ideas

Laurel Lindsay is the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team Vice-President of Consumer Marketing.

Mix06 Ads Everywhere

They are in Wired magazine in Pittsburgh.

A Podcast Magazine?

Kris Smith and Todd Andrlik have launched, believe or not, a bi-monthly print magazine dedicated to podcasting called ID3.

Jason Says Blog for us and Make Money

And who’s to argue with his claim? Jason Calacanis made money from blogging (sold his blogging network to AOL for $25 million).

Clueless BrandWeek Magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients?

Tom: Scobles Boring / Phillip’s 3D RSS Reader

I am going to MacWorld on Friday. Why? To be a little less boring.

Wikipedia Close to Brittanica, Sets Donations Goals

As Wikipedia becomes larger and more widely accepted, now with an Alexa rank in the range of the top 30 websites on the Internet, it’s beginning to have an impact on people’s perception, accuracy, and donations strategies. All of which have been, for the most part, positive.

The Secret Of Apple’s Success
· 1

Apple may be just a minor player in the computer and consumer electronics industries in terms of revenue ($14 billion in fiscal 2005) and market share (less than 5% worldwide) but…

Real-Time RSS Updates

Setting your RSS newsreader to ping your subscribed feeds every five minutes just isn’t fast enough for you, eh? …

Fotothing Plays To Flickr Dissidents

An alternative to Flickr will give those users a different choice than whether or not they should stay with Yahoo.

Yahoo Will Televise The Revolution

With the help of an open standard called Media RSS, Yahoo makes it easier for small video makers to get noticed.

Playboy Magazine Doin The Digital Thang

Legendary men’s magazine Playboy announced on Wednesday they would be publishing an online edition of their magazine in addition to their current printed edition.

Jupitermedia sells Search Engine Watch, SES and ClickZ Magazine

Search marketers were surprised yesterday by the announcement that three of the most influential publications in the search marketing sector had quietly been sold to new owners.

Microsoft AntiSpyware Does Well In PC Mag Roundup

Microsoft AntiSpyware has come out well in PC Magazine’s roundup of antispyware software, tying for third place, but, more importantly, beating out perceived competitors Spybot and Ad-Aware.

What Don’t We Know, Science Asks

The 125th anniversary of the magazine poses 125 questions about life, the universe, and everything.

How your Business Can Save Money with VoIP

Many of you have probably already heard about VoIP, or voice over IP. This is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using the internet. From a consumer standpoint VoIP offers significant savings in monthly phone bills and long distance charges.

Portable Design Magazine Names New Editor-in-Chief

John Donovan, a 24-year veteran of American and Asian technical journalism, takes the magazine’s helm.

Ten Internet Trends To Watch

Wouldn’t it be great to have a good handle on what will happen this year to make sure you could plan around it? asks Mitchell Levy, CEO and executive editor of Happy About, a US publisher of books for corporations.

How To Optimize Firefox

If you want to set up Firefox on your Windows PC so that it runs as fast and smoothly as possible, and without having to figure out all those cryptic programming commands when you type …