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TIME Magazine Names YouTube Invention of the Year

TIME Magazine has listed their best inventions for 2006 and YouTube has been named Invention of the Year:

Intel Launches Blogger Challenge

Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere.

Google Founder Shacking Up In New NYC Digs

One of Google’s super-billionaire founders, either Sergey Brin or Larry Page, has bought a new apartment in Manhattan, ponying up as much as $30 million for an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York City.

The MUST HAVE Magazine Of Firefox Add-Ons

Well, the FTP link was seen everywhere and almost everybody in the little-ahead – techno-sphere were already playing with the Release Version of Firefox 2.0 from Mozilla even before the official announcement was made.

RC2 Review Bodes Poorly For Vista

The timely release of Microsoft Vista hinges, in large part, on the performance of Microsoft Vista Release Candidate 2.

Scoble’s Day of Meetings

Lunch with Dave Davison, retired VC’er. Meeting with editorial crew. Meeting with Paul (Maryam’s boss).

Membership Marketing — It’s More than Magazines
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Membership marketing is not new. The American Medical Association was founded in 1847, while the Marine Corps Association was formed in 1913, to cite a few examples.

The Fattest RSS Feeds

One thing I really like about an offline feed reader is that you don’t need to read feeds all the time. Just store them up like a squirrel stores nuts.

Next Office For Mac Revealed

APC Magazine has the exclusive: Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit is already halfway done building the next release of Microsoft Office for the Apple Mac.

Interview w/ SL Business Magazine Editor

Last weekend, I got a call phone call from the editor of the Second Life Business Magazine, the debut of which I wrote about here.

“Hidden Voice of Wired” Passes Away

This weekend, the Valley lost a sharp journalist and a good man. Bill Goggins, a former editor at Wired Magazine, died while running the San Francisco Marathon this Sunday.

Wired Magazine Owner Conde Nast Buys Wired News
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Conde Nast, owner of Wired Magazine, has bought Wired News. If that seems confusing, it doesn’t matter if you have been paying attention.

Wired News Staff are Bedraggled Lost Characters

When Cond Nast announced last night that it bought Wired News, the press acted like Wired was rescuing a desperate crew of disaster survivors.

Forbes Magazine Publisher Anti Network Neutrality

I don’t agree with his position, but Steve Forbes makes some good points against Network Neutrality on PodTech.net today. Catherine Girardeau (who’ll be my coworker at PodTech starting on July 6) did an awesome job interviewing Steve.

Free Affiliate Classroom Magazine

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer and are looking for the latest tips and tricks, one of the best resources I found is the Affiliate Classroom Magazine.

Search Marketing Standard a Hit!

If you’ve not already subscribed to the newly launched Search Marketing Standard magazine, you should sign-up immediately.

Maxim ‘Advertises’ In Google Earth

Maxim Magazine, in order to celebrate their 100th issue, decided to build a gigantic version of their magazine cover, large enough to be seen by satelites, including those used by Google Earth.

Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Boris Mordkovich hass introduced Search Marketing Standard, a quarterly magazine covering the search marketing industry, expected to ship its first issue this summer.

Lead Generation with Podcasts

When I look at podcasts in the context of the complex sale, and compare them to other mediums, the audience for podcasts is still tiny but gaining momentum.

Phone+ Magazine covers off Mobile Computing

I love free stuff and I get loads of free magazines etc… (why pay when loads of companies give away the stuff!)

Below The Belt?

Okay, now Valleywag is making some not-so-veiled accusations about Eric Schmidt. Are they hinting at what I think they’re hinting at?