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Wired Magazine’s Geekipedia on SEO
Wow! I thought, pulling an additional insert in my recent Wired Magazine called “Geekipedia” and thought that it might come in handy.

The Community of TechCrunch

I’m sitting here today at the TechCrunch40, listening to various companies pitch their wares to the people and press that are attending (I’m here as invited press, so will give overview of the companies and what I thought).

Web 2.0 Snuffs Business 2.0

Readers of the magazine Business 2.0 will not see another issue after October’s has been published; Time Inc has decided to shut down the seven-year old publication.

Skype Outage Dials Up Conspiracy Theories

That 36-hour blank spot where Skype’s login and authentication systems used to be may have been down for reasons beyond the official party line…but you have to believe the *truth* is out there.

LinkedIn Active-x Control Zero Day

Researchers have released a zero day vulnerability in the LinkedIn active-x control that basically allows evil folks to own your computer.

I Want to Be Like Mike

There are many successful bloggers that I look up to and constantly track their every move – although I’m not quite stalking them yet.

Lead Generation & Management Strategies

Back In 2005, I did an 11 City speaking tour sponsored by GlobalSpec to teach manufacturers how to become better at lead generation, lead management and lead nurturing. 

I traveled with Guy Maser VP of Marketing for GlobalSpec and I thought he had a great message about helping marketers get the most out of their internet lead generation investment. Today, his article in BtoB Magazine gives a great summary of his presentation from the roadshow and is worth a read.

YouTube France Coming June 19th?

Google will hold a Press Day in Paris on June 19th. Marissa Mayer and CEO Eric Schmidt will be there, among others, and we can expect they’ll bring some product or feature announcements with them (Tony Ruscoe will go to Paris to cover this for us, and I’ll be blogging from Germany). One of those new services, as rumor has it, will be the launch of European versions of YouTube, like YouTube France*.

A Look at Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Search Marketing Standard’s Boris Mordkovich offered me a subscription to their magazine a few weeks ago. I was dubious; I mean really, a magazine printed on paper about the internet? Despite my reservations I am a shameless blog whore so I instantly said yes.

Scoble Writing for Fast Company Magazine

I just learned that I’m a new columnist for Fast Company magazine where I’ll write a monthly piece, about 700 words. Still don’t know what the title will be, but we’re thinking “Naked Conversations.”

My first column will probably mirror my new speech I’m working on, titled “Living in a Google World.”

Bandwidth Hogs Not Feeling Comcastic

Comcast subscribers are finding out the hard way that excessive bandwidth use could lead to an unexpected termination of service, as well as a subsequent one-year reconnection ban. The kicker, however, is that Comcast refuses to provide any hard data to customers documenting their bandwidth usage.

Taken from the storied pages of the How To Stick It To Your Customers manifesto, Comcast has once again proven that just when you think a company can’t possibly tarnish their public image any further, there’s always a new low that can be achieved.

A Magazine for Bloggers & Podcasters

It’s funny what you can find just spending hours on the Internet. I found this…Blogging & Podcaster magazine.

JPG Intros “Hotness,” I Hope Yahoo Doesn’t Sue Them

JPG Magazine: Blog: Introducing Hotness Well our good friends over at JPG Magazine introduced a cool new feature on their site today. it’s called Hotness "because interestingness was taken" (their words).

Hotness basically uses the social activity around the photos on their site, "votes, views, and more," to share with members of the JPG community some of the best shots being uploaded per an "algorithm" that they created.

Beyond the Hurdles to the Digital Natives

The CeBIT technology fair in Hanover, Germany, started last week and runs until March 21.

CeBIT is the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work.

Rose Talks Digg Moderation Again

Digg’s Kevin Rose was interviewed for the latest issue of Search Marketing Standard (an interesting magazine, by the way), and the topic touched on the subject of moderation again. Quote Kevin:

Digg does not use any moderators other than the 700,000 registered users that participate in Digg. That is the value of the Digg system. We have two people on staff that ensure that the Digg Terms of Use are not violated.

Reputation Manipulation

User-generated ranking systems are increasingly important these days. Would you buy something on eBay without checking the seller’s feedback rating?

Wired: Bloggers Get it Wrong

Wired Magazine’s Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen says that the bloggers got it wrong about Ted Stevens "protecting children" bill. The Wired post ends: "Also the blog world famously claims it’s self-correcting. 27B anxiously awaits proof."

Wikipedia isn’t commercial? Yeah, right.

By the way, Ryan and Kevin’s blog post doesn’t have a link to the bill’s text that works. Anyone have a link that works? Post it in my comments. Thanks!

Danny Said it Too!

For those who stuck their fingers in their ears and loudly sang “La, La, La, La, La” while reading my Why Does Time Magazine’s Choice of “You” Bother Me?, I bet you will get with the program because Danny Sullivan wrote about online user behavior too.

Computer Security Still Damaged by Social Engineering

Interesting article out of CIO magazine about Vista, and that while it is a highly secure operating system, with some neat things it can do, it still is not invulnerable to those programs that require social engineering to get the user to do something.

E-mail And Phone Have High Response Rates

BtoB Magazine points out some interesting findings in the DMA 2006 Response Rate Trends Report which includes data for more than 1,500 campaigns received in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Reputation Defender

Here at IT Toolbox we have written a lot about the impacts of social networks, and the risks to privacy and later on employability. Previous articles are Myspace and Privacy, the good part is that now comes along one of the smartest startup idea’s that I have seen, reputation defender. They are being featured in wired magazine today here.

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