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Maria Sharapova Wins Madrid Title, Overcomes Injury

Maria Sharapova fought back hard to win the Madrid title against powerful tennis newcomer Simona Halep 1-6 6-2 6-3. The beginning looked bleak, but Sharapova was triumphant over her stocky, but spry opponent who also had the advantage of being five years younger. Despite her loss to Sharapova, Halep said she had “an amazing week” in the Spanish capital. “I …

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Host City 2020 Olympics Will Be Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo will be sports fans’ destination for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympics Games. The International Olympic Committee selected Japan’s capital city today, home to over 36,000 people. Tokyo last hosted the games in 1964. This round they used the slogan, “the Olympics will be safe in our hands.” This pitch and Tokyo’s pledge to spend a fraction of what the …

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Dog Poo Mailed Back To Owners in Madrid

After years of dealing with a really crappy problem, the city of Madrid in Spain has hit on a solution. Dog owners have been very negligent when it comes to cleaning up after Fido on his walks. The city council tried awareness drives with cue commercials on television. They tried fines and warnings. Nothing seemed to help. So some volunteers …

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