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MacBook Shipments Predicted to Drop This Year MacBook Shipments Predicted to Drop This Year

For the entire year, PC shipments have been down year-on-year. Though sales are expected to pick up this holiday season, the quickly-rising tablet market is taking a large bite out of traditional PC sales. Though Microsoft’s improved Windows 8.1 OS …

Pennsylvania Student Urinates On School Computers
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An 11 year-old boy caused quite a stir recently when he allegedly urinated all over a cart full of computers at a Pennsylvania elementary school. The grand total for his bladder-driven episode: $36,000. According to faculty, the MacBooks in question …

Apple And Microsoft Earnings Are Near Equal

A friend sent me this link comparing revenue, profit, and cash positions for Microsoft and Apple. I almost fell off my chair when reading this data from Microsoft’s and Apple’s most recent quarterly filing: