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Lying to Children Could Make Them Into Liars

For many parents lying to their young children is much easier than forcing compliance or spending time on a lengthy explanation that isn’t likely to be understood anyway. It’s an understandable impulse, but even seemingly innocuous lies could be teaching children the wrong sorts of lessons. A new study published in the journal Developmental Science shows that children who are …

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Intelligence Director James Clapper Admits That He Lied To Congress, Is Sorry

Before Edward Snowden leaked a number of NSA documents through The Guardian and The Washington Post, some members of Congress who knew something was up was pushing the intelligence community to come clean. One of its first targets was Intelligence Director James Clapper who said that the NSA doesn’t collect data on “millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” As …

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Using Cellphones to Lie and Cheat [Infographic]

This next infographic comes to us from Online-Education.Net and it reveals some pretty interesting facts about deception and cellphones. Since almost everybody, including young children, has a cellphone now, it is a more relevant topic than ever. What’s going on with cellphones that make us so prone to cheat using them? For one thing, there’s no face to face contact. …

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Online Dating: How To Spot a Liar

Online dating is rough enough when people are all above-board and honest about themselves, their past, their plans and preferences. But, when you throw dishonesty into the mix, it can get ugly fast. No one wants to wind up investing time in ursine a relationship that started off on lies, online or off. Two professors are now shedding some light …

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