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Rolls-Royce: Record Sales in 2012 Rolls-Royce: Record Sales in 2012

While most of us are working toward climbing out of a years-long recession or struggling with unemployment, there are still a select few that are able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a very nice car. Rolls-Royce Motor …

Lamborghini SUV Is Called The Urus, Features 600 Horsepower And All-Wheel Drive
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Growing up, I always admired the Lamborghini line of automobiles. My favorite make was the Diablo for its great curves and speed. It was the kind of car that I would never be able to afford, but I would be …

eBay Petitions EU Over Brand Rules
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eBay called on the European Union today to amend an EU competition law to stop brands from restricting the sale of their products on the Internet.

The company has given a petition to the European Parliament, signed by 750,000 Europeans’ calling for reform.