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Alternative Breaking Bad Ending Is Hilarious

Scroll down for the video. Yes, Breaking Bad is over – it ended backed in September, but even then we’re still getting remnants of the beloved series despite its conclusion. A lot of people became more familiar with Bryan Cranston as an actor when Malcolm in the Middle first broadcasted back on January 9, 2000 on FOX. He played Hal, …

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AMC’s Low Winter Sun Pilot Hits YouTube

AMC’s Low Winter Sun, known (at least for now) as “that show after Breaking Bad,” has just hit YouTube for your free streaming pleasure. Of course, AMC hopes to get curious viewers hooked on the new series with this dangling carrot. Following the season 5B premiere of Breaking Bad, the new series premiered at 2.5 million viewers. Breaking Bad garnered …

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A Five Minute Preview of AMC’s ‘Low Winter Sun’

With Breaking Bad getting ready to deliver its last episodes, AMC has something of a void to fill, because a successful channel won’t be successful very long if it rests on the laurels of soon-to-be past shows. Also showing its mastered the Art of Launching a New TV Show 101, AMC is doing the smart thing by pairing their new …

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