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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Role Cut From “Lovelace”

Sarah Jessica Parker recently got the call every actor dreads: the one from a director saying he’s cut your scenes out of a film. Parker, who filled in for Demi Moore in the role of iconic feminist Gloria Steinem for the upcoming film “Lovelace”, filmed scenes based on real-life porn actress Linda Lovelace leaving the porn industry and becoming an …

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Sarah Jessica Parker Received ‘Lovelace’ Role Due to Amanda Seyfried

The role was already filled. Demi Moore was slated to play Gloria Steinem, a leader in the women’s liberation movement, for the new movie “Lovelace”, but the Moore left the film due to personal problems. The films title star, Amanda Seyfried, took it upon herself to fill the role vacated by Moore. In an interview with Contact Music Seyfried stated: …

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