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Lea Michele is Not Pregnant, Twitter Account Was Hacked

No, Lea Michele is not pregnant. The 27-year-old was the second Glee star to have their Twitter account hacked in the past few days. “Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy,” read a message posted on her Twitter account Friday. No one really believed the tweet was …

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Lea Michele Says Cory Was Not His Addiction

Lea Michele continues to open up about the loss of her love — Cory Monteith — who lost a battle with addiction in July. The 27-year-old Glee star shared more on her relationship with Monteith and stresses that her boyfriend was much more than his struggles. “I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction – unfortunately, …

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Lea Michele On Her New Solo Album ‘Louder’

Lea Michele, 27, has had a lot to overcome this year after losing her boyfriend Cory Monteith to a drug overdose last summer. While things still aren’t easy for Lea, she is learning how to move forward, and has even been working on a new solo album Louder that was released today. During an interview with Good Morning America, Michele …

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Lea Michelle Says Music Helped Her Heal

Since her boyfriend Cory Monteith passed away in July of 2013, actress and singer Lea Michele has been healing pretty much in front of our eyes, and she’s openly discussed exactly what Monteith meant to her and how difficult it’s been for her to move on. One of the ways Michelle has been trying to push forward is through her …

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Lea Michele Releases New Single “Cannonball”

Last month, we (WebProNews) released the news that Glee star Lea Michele would be releasing a new album, including some tracks dedicated to the late Cory Monteith. Today (Tuesday, December 10th, 2013), we get a glimpse into one of the tracks of her new album “Louder” which releases in May. The single track Michele releases to the world today is …

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Lea Michele Releases New Video ‘Cannonball’ [Video]

Lea Michele has given her fans a taste of her new song, Cannonball, that is listed on her upcoming album titled, Louder. The first 90 seconds of the song have recently been made available for fans to hear (included below); however, the full version of the song will not debut until December 12, 2013. This Thursday, Michele will perform the …

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