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Mike Rhodin Speaks at Lotusphere

Chris Miller: With the entrance into Social Networking with Connections, what will Lotus do as we get to 3.0?

MR: Challenges hierarchical systems, business systems could break down private information shared.  dangers regulatory meltdowns on sharing regulated

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The First Session from Lotusphere

So I’m in Orlando for Lotusphere.  Took a crappy delayed red-eye, so I missed the very first part of the session, with Bob Costas talking about how good the Chinese are at controlling their people.   Ed Brill is live blogging it.  Alan has better notes on Mike Rhodin’s openin

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Lotus Makes The Collaboration Play

Information overload has led to communication being a chore in the workplace, but IBM thinks its latest goodies from the Lotus division will make work time more like play time.

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Lotusphere Blooming With Apple News

IBM plans to make the latest Lotus Notes client compatible with Mac OS X, in a move that could capitalize on the inherent anti-Microsoft sentiment typical in the Apple user base.

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Microsoft Does The Lotus Position

The folks at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters decided to take a shot at IBM and announced new migration tools to help bring Lotus/Domino users over to the Office/Exchange side of the productivity world.

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