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LinkedIn Gets Integrated with IBM Lotus

LinkedIn announced a partnership with IBM Lotus today that will see integration between the professional social network and several IBM Lotus products.

"There has been significant demand from companies seeking to increase enterprise productivity by leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful network of professionals," said Reid Hoffman, chairman and CEO of LinkedIn. "Today’s announcement represents a step forward in addressing that need."

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Comcast Impersonates China and Gnutella, Too

Some of the uproar last week was regarding Comcast’s blocking of BitTorrent traffic, a move that, by itself raised concerns about the power over content and packets the cable company was usurping. Over the weekend it came to light that Comcast not only blocked BitTorrent, but also Gnutella and Lotus Notes.

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Lotus Notes Sticks With USB

Blogging and RSS received attention too, as IBM announced the 7.0.2 release of Lotus Notes and Domino, which provided some new feature releases for end users and administrators of the productivity suite.

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