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Mike Rhodin Speaks at Lotusphere
Chris Miller: With the entrance into Social Networking with Connections, what will Lotus do as we get to 3.0?

MR: Challenges hierarchical systems, business systems could break down private information shared.  dangers regulatory meltdowns on sharing regulated

IBM Plays Symphony, One-Ups Microsoft

IBM has decided to play in the free productivity suite market with a reincarnation of its Symphony brand, for a collection of Lotus Notes 8 editors under that name.

Lotus Makes The Collaboration Play

Information overload has led to communication being a chore in the workplace, but IBM thinks its latest goodies from the Lotus division will make work time more like play time.

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

Lotus Notes Sticks With USB
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Blogging and RSS received attention too, as IBM announced the 7.0.2 release of Lotus Notes and Domino, which provided some new feature releases for end users and administrators of the productivity suite.

Microsoft Does The Lotus Position

The folks at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters decided to take a shot at IBM and announced new migration tools to help bring Lotus/Domino users over to the Office/Exchange side of the productivity world.

IBM Pumps Up Lotus Notes, Domino

A new feature that maintains Notes application and document state during a restart beats Microsoft’s ‘Freeze Dry’ technology to market.

Microsoft CRM Integration with Lotus Domino Email Server

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM is in the market expansion mode and this CRM solution is using all the recent Microsoft technologies – Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000, Active Directory, etc.

CLPs No More: IBM Name Change for Lotus, Tivoli Certs

Later this year, there will no longer be any Certified Lotus Professionals. Or Tivoli Certified Consultants.