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Virginia Couple Calvin And Zatera Spencer Win Lottery Three Times In A Month

Winning the lottery is a once-in-a-lifetime stroke of luck, but winning it thrice a single month is nothing short of unbelievable. For Portsmouth, Virginia couple Calvin and Zatera Spencer, you’d better believe it can happen. Their first win was during a Powerball drawing on March 12, in which they bagged a hefty $1 million. A mere two weeks later, Calvin …

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Millionaire Raffle Drawing Numbers Picked

Since the holiday season begun, every week there is a new lottery story emerging. Sometimes it’s the tale of a win among the leaves. On other occasions, it’s a winner who has no clue he won. With the holidays came dreams of a better tomorrow for many, and hope of a seemingly impossible dream for others.Well for some local Pennsylvania residents …

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Winning Maryland Mega Millions Ticket: $189 Million

Sukhwinder Singh didn’t believe the news when he got a call at 6am Wednesday, telling him he sold the winning Mega Millions ticket. “I thought it was somebody joking with me,” said the Dash In convenience store owner,“This is the first time somebody hit the lottery in my store, so I’m so excited and so happy to see who hit …

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