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Bill Murray Achieves Maximum Cool With PBR Pants

Every single person on this planet (and others) knows it’s impossible for Bill Murray to become more charming and appealing. As soon as he shyly and wryly (an impossible countenance to achieve for everyone but Bill Murray) stares into the camera in [Insert any Bill Murray film here], that is the end. Maximum likability, marketability, and upward-mobility acquired! Go forth …

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Sofia Coppola to Helm Live-Action The Little Mermaid

You may be used to seeing Sofia Coppola’s name attached to independent directing projects like The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation. However, Deadline is reporting that Francis Ford’s daughter may be entering territory that not even the great The Godfather director has ever ventured, a live-action version of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid. Coppola is currently working …

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Bill Murray Talks Big ‘Garfield’ Mistake

Bill Murray starred as the voice of Garfield in the 2004 film, Garfield: The Movie, but recently admitted via a Reddit chat his huge mistake in taking the role. Believing the script was created by renown film writer Joel Coen–known for hits like The Big Lebowski and Fargo–he didn’t even completely read through it, assuming he was signing on for …

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Pink Fan Arrested for ‘Bomb’ Tweet Before Concert, Turns Out to Be Song Reference

Be careful what you tweet – you know, that 140-character limit oftentimes forces you to get creative. Just make sure that you double check your tweets to make sure they couldn’t be construed to mean something that you didn’t intend. Basically, try to avoid tweeting the words “bomb” and “blow up” right before you’re set to attend a giant concert. …

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