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Loopt u-Deals Lets You Create Your Own Deals for Local Businesses

Loopt has an interesting new spin on the hot deals space. The company has announced a product called U-Deals, which essentially gets the consumer (You, or “U” – get it?) to create the deal, including the discount, and then use Loopt to try to get the business to turn the deal into a reality. Intriguing concept. It will be interesting …

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Loopt Sees iOS 5 Notifications As Huge for Daily Deals Space

Users of iOS devices are anticipating the release of iOS 5 later this year for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is the way it handles notifications. Rather than the screen takeover, notifications will be more subtle, appearing at the top of the screen, much like Android. Sam Altman, CEO and co-founder of Loopt, “strongly believes” that no …

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Loopt Details Partnership with Groupon

It looks like some users can access even more deals after Loopt and Groupon teamed up in an effort to help both merchants and consumers. Last week, the companies announced the integration of the daily deals service’s Groupon Now product into Loopt.

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Loopt Illustrates Growth of “Qs” Product

Loopt, which announced a new partnership with Groupon last week to provide users with Groupon Now alerts, is sharing some of its own usage stats. “We just hit 14,000 Qs answered in the Bay Area,” Loopt Corporate Communications Manager Sharon Howell tells WebProNews. “The service is currently limited to the Bay Area, but we’ll soon be expanding nationwide.” The company …

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Loopt Gets Groupon Now Alerts

Groupon and Loopt have partnered to to give Loopt users access to alerts from Groupon’s recently launched Groupon Now service. “The big thing Loopt brings to this is location-specific alerts,” Loopt Corporate Communications Manager Sharon Howell tells WebProNews. “Loopt’s Reward Alerts feature integrates nicely with Groupon Now’s time-limited deals. With Loopt, Groupon fans can get the deals based on their …

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Loopt Launches Reward Alerts For Local Deals

Location-based service Loopt is introducing real-time mobile “Reward Alerts” app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones.

 Reward Alerts allow brands and local businesses to offer limited-time deals to people nearby. Reward Alerts offer a “flash” deal that is redeemable in person, instead of a deal that is purchased now, but used at a later date.

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