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Looper Trailer Commentary from Director Rian Johnson

The buzz surrounding writer/director Rian Johnson’s upcoming sci-fi actioner “Looper” has been rather spectacular. There were actually teaser trailers for the teaser trailer, a concept that still boggles my mind. To be fair, the official teaser for the flick looks absolutely spectacular, particularly since it re-unites actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Johnson. As you may recall, the pair first worked together …

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Looper Teaser Trailer Now Online, See Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hunt Bruce Willis

After multiple days of teasing, the “Looper” trailer has finally landed online… and it looks pretty good. If you’re not in the know, in regards to the film, “Looper” is a time travel centric story where organized crime operations send people they want killed back to the present, where loopers (contract killers) dispose of them without fear of getting their …

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