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Google Celebrates Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday

Google has a tradition for celebrating particular calendar events of note. Whenever there is an important date the search engine wants to acknowledge, they do so by altering the main Google logo to fit the occasion.

FindWhat Gets Pretty New Logo, Ticker Symbol

Findwhat, Espotting, and Comet Systems, disparate properties which have been brought together through acquisition, will now come together under the Miva brand, the e-commerce storefront company that had also been part of the group.

Logo Design Facts

What makes one logo better than another?

Why Small Businesses Need Both A Logo And An Identity System

Experts urge small business owners to “brand” their business – to use a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials. But, they rarely go into the reasons behind this advice. Here’s a list of some of the benefits to having a professionally designed logo and marketing package:

Branding: It’s more than a logo

How clear is your image in the minds of your potential customers? How can you bring that image into focus? Defining, developing and maintaining a brand identity is the key.

No Logo? Launching a Business Without a Logo Can Sabotage You

Initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes a small business to put off designing a logo and marketing materials professionally “until [they] got a few clients” or “until [they] get started.” Designing their own marketing materials when they launch their business, instead of having them professionally created, will make getting those initial clients more difficult, and may result in a business that will not succeed.

Logo in the Browsers Address Bar – Favicon
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Several people have asked me about logo branding with an image that appears in a users address bar. While I personally removed the Favorite Icon from most of my hosts (In the process of creating a more presentable graphic), it is an important factor for establishing a branding for your Website. There are primarily two benefits achieved with using a favicon.

Firefox: The IE Killer

Yes, you heard it here first. If Internet Explorer doesn’t make some serious changes in short order they’ll face certain extinction to the hands of Firefox. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious?

How do you Define a Good Logo Design?
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Everyone wants his company logo to be the best but how good is good? How do we define a good logo? Is it necessary to be colorful or an exquisite piece of art? Can a simple design work as a good logo? We are often in a dilemma.

Google Launches Additional Tools For AdWords Clients

Google has announced the launch of some new AdWords tools designed to assist webmasters and search engine marketers in creating successful ad campaigns. The program, called Google Advertising Professionals, was “designed for professionals who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts, the Google Advertising Professionals program can help you become a more successful ad manager – for free.”

Take the Logo Litmus Test

Here is your C.I.T.T. (pronounced “kit”) [Color Illustrate Type Test]

Google, Ask.com Celebrate Election Day

Ask Jeeves and Google have decided to celebrate Election Day, reminding US search users to perform their civic responsibility on one of the most important days of the year.

Branding To Sell
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The Take Away

Brands which are credibility-based sell products and services. They also have brand value, or ROI. The key is a Credibility Based Logo Designsm as the cornerstone of an integrated brand promotion system. The result is marketing communication which is planned to add credibility to the brand image. This is long term credibility-based integrated brand promotion. Credibility branding is a prudent investment for better selling and as an accrued financial return on marketing expenditure. Remember this: Credibility branding sells and has value.

Seven Logos to Avoid

Your logo is the visual personality of your business and as a first impression; your logo essentially is your business! A professional logo is one of the fastest way to build credibility. If you sell quality products, your logo should reflect this. Likewise, a poor quality logo suggests inferior products. If you can successfully avoid these common logo blunders and you are well on your way to a great logo:

Cinco de Mayo Design Absent From Google Logo
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Google has always celebrated popular holidays by altering their logo’s design to include something topical about the holiday that is being celebrated. Today is May 5, 2004, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo, and Google’s logo is noticeably missing any decoration to celebrate the Mexican holiday.

The Keys to a Great Logo

Logo, graphic, icon, logotype, typogram, logoform, imagecall it what you will, a logo by any other name is the group of letters and/or symbols used in a consistent and unique way to identify a company. It is the most prominent and stable element of marketing, and should be planned carefully to fully reflect your brand. Understanding the key aspects of a logo will help in developing a durable, on target identity.

Good Logo Design : 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Logo


When designing a logo an important consideration is how you plan to use it. A logo created for a website or full color stationery printing will be designed completely different than one designed for faxing and imprinting on coffee mugs.

Great Logos and Why
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The company logo is probably the most important marketing tool on your business card or on your website. It gives your company a competitive advantage and will help you achieve company goals. This is not the role of just any logo. You must have a POWERLOGO.

Reader Thoughts On The New WebProNews Logo

Laura Bergells from Maniactive.com here, a long time WebProNews.com subscriber and occasional contributor. . .

Kudos to the Bill Haig article. . .very informative and timely! I’ll be sure to pass it on to some of my clients who are struggling through logo and branding issues.

Bill Haig Answers Logo Credibility Questions
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Hello, I am Bill Haig, pioneer of credibility-based logos. Research has demonstrated that a credible logo will greatly enhance your ability to achieve desired business goals. Therefore, your logo is probably the most important marketing tool on your site.

Presentation Is A Major Key To Success

Just as it is in person, you have only one opportunity to make a good impression on your website visitors. The challenge is to decide exactly what you want their first impression of your business to be long before you get to any of the steps in putting your site online.