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Google Suggests Closing Old Listings In Places When Changing Addresses Google Suggests Closing Old Listings In Places When Changing Addresses

SEO Barry Scwhartz blogged about moving to a new office, saying that Google suggested he close his listing and open a new one. However, in doing that, there’s no guarantee that he would retain any reviews that had ben posted. …

Google Makes Some Local Search Adjustments Google Makes Some Local Search Adjustments

On Friday, Google put out is monthly list of algorithm changes, for the month of April. We’ve taken a closer look at various entries on that list – there were over 50. Here’s our coverage so far: Google Algorithm Changes …

Google Local Ranking Factors Listed By New Bizible Study Google Local Ranking Factors Listed By New Bizible Study
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Bizible, a company created by former Bing/Microsoft adCenter staff, has put together an interesting analysis of local ranking factors in Google, after surveying 22 local business categories and 22 US cities, and searching Google for the given localized term (i.e. …

Google Mobile Search Gets New Recent Icon Google Mobile Search Gets New Recent Icon
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Google announced the launch of a new local search featurew for mobile devices. There’s a new “recent” icon that appears on Google.com on Android devices and iPhones, which will show info about places you have recently searched for. You can …

MapQuest Vibe Launched to Rank Local Businesses MapQuest Vibe Launched to Rank Local Businesses

AOL announced the launch of MapQuest Vibe, which it says generates “real-time rankings of neighborhoods, local hotspots and points-of interests using sophisticated algorithms.” “MapQuest Vibe helps people cut through the ratings clutter by providing actual rankings based on key criteria …

Google Place Pages Drop Third-Party Reviews Google Place Pages Drop Third-Party Reviews
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Google announced some changes to Place Pages as part of its new refocused efforts. For one, they’ve added a “write a review” button at the top of the page, encouraging users to talk about your business. I hope your customer …

Local.com Adds Deals Service, Location Data, & Ad Unit to Its Offerings Local.com Adds Deals Service, Location Data, & Ad Unit to Its Offerings

Local search is quickly turning into the first place that people go when they search for information online. In fact, it is impacting users so much that search veteran Bruce Clay actually predicted that Google would become a local search engine. He said this to us back in November, “Two years from now, Google will be, predominantly, a local search engine.”

Local Product Listings on Google Place Pages Local Product Listings on Google Place Pages

Google is now letting businesses list local product availability on Google Place Pages. This way, when customers search for local businesses and look at the pages, they can make better decisions before traveling to the business or even calling, to …

10 Local Search and Social Location Resources to Have Your Business Listed In
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You have a new business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a GIS consulting firm! Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed. This is …

Search Google For Just Businesses That Are Currently Open

Google has launched a feature for its iPhone and Android mobile search that lets you see results for only local businesses that are actually open at the time of the search. While this may not seem incredibly helpful during normal business hours, it marks a tremendous boost in relevancy for late night searches. 

5 Tips for Making Your Site More Local-Friendly
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Search engines have become one of the primary ways that people find products and services right in their hometown. This growing reality significantly increases the need for small local business owners to master this thing called local search.

There are many ways to make your website pages much more localized. This is one of the underlying elements that tell the search engines that yours is indeed a local business.

If You’re Not Local, How Can You Compete in an Increasingly Local Google?
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Update: Looks like there is likely to be a lot more local action coming Google’s way soon. 

Google Lets You Search with Local Recommendations From Specific Friends

Google announced a new Google Maps feature today, related to the company’s recently launched Hotpot social recommendation product. Now, users can search Google Maps, and request results based on the recommendations of specific friends. 

Google Places with Hotpot App Released for iPhone

Google has launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone. Given the iPhone’s pending availability to Verizon customers, this should provide a huge boost in use for Google’s recently launched local offering. Google Places with Hotpot has been available in Google Maps for Android, but now it’s a standalone iPhone app too. 

Tasks That Should Be On Your Local Search Shortlist
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Recently, I have been talking about local Internet marketing and the rapid developments in the area. Well, as we start 2011, there is a strange sound in the local Internet marketing space—silence. There is a temporary lull in the frantic pace of change and innovation in the Google local search results.

Google: We Already Have Groupon-Like Products
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Google’s Marissa Mayer recently made the switch from the company’s VP of search products to focusing on the company’s geo and local products.

Can Bing Take on Google With These New Features?
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Bing introduced a handful of new features. The one that will likely catch the most interest is the extension of its recent announcement regarding Facebook. Now, Bing will start showing you which of your Facebook friends have liked search results as they appear in your searches. 

Yahoo Tests New Local Site for Mobile Users
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Yahoo has launched the new Yahoo Local for Mobile experience in beta. 

Did Groupon Make the Right Decision? What’s Google’s Next Move?
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As you probably know, Groupon recently turned down Google’s $6 billion acquisition offer. CEO Andrew Mason was reportedly concerned about the direction Google may have taken it in, as well as what would happen to its employees. 

Bing Adds Shopping Mall Maps to Local Results
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Bing is now including Bing shopping mall directory maps in Bing Maps. 

Google Talks Local Search Relevance Factors
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Google is placing a great deal of emphasis on local in its search results these days. In fact in many cases, it would appear to significantly reduce the importance of ranking in the regular organic results