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Google is Excited About How Much Impact the Web is Having on Local Commerce

Google is excited about recent research that suggests the web and their internet products/services are having a positive impact on local commerce and how people access deals in their communities. According to recent research, 97% of consumers are using online media to shop locally for goods and services. The research, done by BIA/Kelsey, claims 58% of consumers are utilizing online …

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LivingSocial Reacts to Recent Studies about Daily Deals

A couple of recent studies brought out some interesting, but contradictory data pertaining to daily deals’ providers. The first study from Rice University found that the business model behind daily deals’ sites was unsustainable and predicted “tough times ahead for daily deal sites.”

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Is it Daily Deals, or Local Commerce?

“What’s the deal of the day?” is a question that is starting to become the norm in social circles. Although Groupon has been labeled the leader in the field, new data from Yipit shows that Groupon was down in both February and March. The data also shows that LivingSocial is up 59 percent in revenues for the top 20 markets.

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