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Will Google Bid On The Wireless Spectrum?
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Tomorrow, the FCC will vote on rules, proposed by Chairman Kevin Martin, governing the auction of the 700 MHz band of wireless spectrum. Trying its best to persuade the commission to endorse neutrality in the airwaves, similar to what many want to happen with the Internet, Google succeeded in getting at least two of its four wishes granted.

Google’s Growing Political Power

We all know Google: the fun, friendly search engine company that loves its employees and puppy dogs.  The same company that has an army of lawyers at its corporate back, and, as it turns out, rapidly expanding offices in Washington, D.C.

Google Needs K Street View Of DC
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The growing scrutiny of the company’s stated aim to organize all the world’s information, and its more prosaic acquisition of DoubleClick, means Google has to pay more attention to Washington’s K Street lobbying practices.

Google Looks For Lobbyists In Europe

Lobbyists, on the whole, have a pretty bad reputation.  They’re regarded as a rather shady group of people; one of the main headings in a Wikipedia article is “corruption concerns.”  Draw your own conclusions, then, about this bit of news: Google wants to hire lobbyists throughout Europe.

Google Lobbyists Open DC Office

The search engine company has established a presence in the nation’s capital to better express itself to Congress.

Google Bets on Broadband Over Power Lines

Google, Goldman Sachs and Hearst have put $100 million in a startup that will provide broadband over power lines.