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The Best Cover Of “I’m Sexy And I Know It” Ever

You probably didn’t think anyone would take LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy And I Know It” and arrange an acoustic guitar part to it, but someone did. And that someone has an incredible voice. Known only as Noah, this kid kills the song with just his guitar and some insane pipes, which bring to mind a young Marcus Mumford. Enjoy the song …

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LeBron James Partied With LMFAO After Winning His Ring

Of course he did. I mean, what else is there to do in South Beach after bringing Miami another championship ring? Party with a throwaway party-rap collective that owes much of their success to a healthy dose of nepotism. No offense if party rap is your thing, but I can’t say I’m surprised by LeBron’s choice of post-championship celebration. It’s …

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LMFAO Party Rocks To Star Wars Cantina Theme

With the two big songs that hip hop band LMFAO have released (Party Rock Anthem and I’m Sexy and I Know It), there have been so many parodies released that are floating around the web; however, I don’t think anyone has ever imagined the group “party rocking” to the cantina music from Star Wars IV: A New Hope. If you …

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Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance Details Emerge

As you all are aware, Madonna will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl. While some people are less than thrilled with the idea and some even threatening legal action, the pop star is sure to cause quite a stir. MTV has all the juicy details on the performance and what is most likely to happen during her show. Madonna …

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