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Liz Carmouche, Miesha Tate Fight A Close One

Liz Carmouche came to the cage on Saturday evening with enough aggression and drive to dominate the first round, leading opponent Miesha Tate to believe Carmouche would come out the victor of the UFC fight. Tate dug up her reserves, however, and went on to secure a win that was voted unanimously among the judges. The athletes put up a …

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Liz Carmouche Is Set To Take On Miesha Tate In April

Women’s MMA fighting has become increasingly more popular since Ronda Rousey, the women’s bantamweight champion, joined the UFC in November 2012. In February 2013, Rousey became the first woman to fight in the UFC octagon against Liz Carmouche, who is now ranked number seven in her weight class. Since Rousey’s fight against Carmouche, Rousey has also recently fought Tate during …

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