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Switzerland $25 Minimum Wage Voted Against

Switzerland voted Sunday to reject a measure called the Decent Salary Initiative, that would establish a minimum wage of $4,515 per month in that country, with 76.3% of voters opposed to the idea. The proposed monthly minimum wage equates to roughly $25 per hour, which would be the highest in the world. Proponents called the wage hike necessary, while opponents …

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Gap Hourly Wage Raise In Store For US Employees

Gap is a pretty hip and progressive retailer, and perhaps that is what makes it so popular with young people and new families. The company is known for doing good via charities and outreach programs, the most recent example being the P.A.C.E. program, which aims to bring education, training, and recognition to female garment workers. Gap has no problem with …

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Minimum Wage Debate Strikes a Date

August 29 is the day you may want to pack a lunch.  Fast food workers are joining the social media stampede calling for a nationwide strike on August 29, four days before Labor Day.  Demands are for an hourly wage of $15 and, “the right to form a union without retaliation,” posts organizer Low Pay Is Not Ok.  The group …

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New Study: A Pricier Burger could mean a Living Wage

The recent striking by fast food workers in many large cities has prompted an undergraduate student to publish a controversial study about McDonald’s food prices. The question has recently been repeatedly asked (particularly in the wake of a distressing financial advice packet given out to McDonald’s employees) if the company’s food would continue to be affordable if the wages of …

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