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Google’s Lively Receives A Death Sentence
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So much for the idea of a second Second Life.  Lively, launched by Google this July, has already been deemed something of a failure, and the search giant’s issued a notice that it will more or less kill the collection of virtual rooms at the end of December.

Adult Themed Rooms Pop Up In Google’s Lively

The graphics in Google’s 3D chat world Lively shine, but behind the scenes the Lively team also seems busy squashing minor and major early-release bugs. And since some days, Lively got its first social phenomenon, too: the almost meme-like creation of cyber sex rooms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or is there?

Google Launches Lively Virtual Rooms
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A few days ago, Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about Google’s homepage, and an obsession with simplicity and clean design became almost painfully clear.  Now, her company’s launching a sort of fragmented virtual world in which users can choose cats as avatars and hug each other underneath dinosaur skeletons.