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MySpace Launches Beta Instant Messaging
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MySpace has officially announced the beta launch of their instant messaging service, MySpaceIM.

Windows Live Platform Discussion

Windows Live is best known as a collection of end-user offerings – like Messenger, Spaces, Search, Hotmail and a whole bunch more.  It’s also in the process of evolving into a platform.  Koji Kato and Danny Thorpe, from the Windows Live platform team, discuss with Catherine Heller a Windows Live Technical Evangelist on Channel 9 their views on internet software and what it means to “componentize” Windows Live.

eBay Live, Paid Search

Steve Lobo, Senior Manager Search Marketing at eBay gave an informative talk on paid search at the eBay Live conference in Boston.

Suze Orman Gives Finance Advice At eBay Live
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Financial expert, best-selling author and columnist Suze Orman spoke at eBay Live today, outlining a hit-list of personal finance tips. Orman’s advice centers on credit scores, retirement accounts, investments, real estate, life insurance, and wills.

Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Suze Orman At eBay Live!
How To Market your eBay Store
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At a recent session at eBay Live in Boston, the topic was "How To Effectively market Your eBay Store."



The eBay Market
The eBay Market


Map Instant Answers Added to Live Search

Windows Live Search added a new type of Instant Answer: Interactive maps at the top of search results. If you search for an address or a place, Live Search should detect that and put a map of that place right at the top. Search for “map” and it will try to figure out where you are (based on IP) and show you a map of your current location.

There’s No Live Blogging In Baseball
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It’s not often you see the word "thuggery" in the news – in fact, MS Word’s never even heard of it. It’s rarer that you hear that word in conjunction with blogging, even you might expect it in the sports world these days.

There's No Live Blogging In Baseball
“There’s No Live Blogging In Baseball”
There's No Live Blogging In Baseball
eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
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In a presentation at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in San Jose, Gary Briggs, chief marketing officer at eBay said online retailers should think more outside the box.

eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
“eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate”
eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
Microsoft Office Live Teams with Website Pros
Microsoft Office Live is teaming up with Website Pros, a provider of website building tools, internet marketing, and lead generation solutions, to offer web site design and search engine marketing services. Microsoft Office Live is attempting to make it easier for small business to get online by offering them new “Do-It-for-Me Services”.

Not only will they provide easy and affordable do-it-yourself tools, Microsoft Office Live will add “do-it-for-me” help as well.

Microsoft Wants To Do It For You

Microsoft plans to offer a deal to its Office Live customers that will provide site design and search marketing services to those clients.

SMX: Experts Discuss Duplicate Content
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The second session from the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle was focused on the issue of duplicate content.

MSFT Live Search Books Adds Copyrighted Material

I’ve come to think of book search as Google’s specialty – there have been weeks in which the search engine giant made as many as two or three separate announcements about its various literature-related projects.  Yet Microsoft’s also in this game, and the Redmond-based company has just expanded its Live Search Books collection.

Microsoft, Google Chart New Map Views
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Google Maps and Microsoft Live Search Maps released new ways of looking at the world through their products at the Where 2.0 conference.

Microsoft’s Fancy New 3D Map Imagery
A post at tech crunch reports that Microsoft has unveiled a new, fancy feature in Microsoft Live Search Maps through which 9 cities including NYC and other places in the U

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online
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The cancellation of a CBS drama series has prompted outraged fans to try and save their beloved series by grabbing some nuts and flinging them at senior CBS executives.

Second Life on XBox Live?
During a recent Halo 3 event, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios – Shane Kim revealed that he has spent some time with the Linden Lab guys (developers of Second Life).

SEW Live Recap: This Is Getting Personal
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At the end of the day, it’s about sales, not traffic. And if it’s about sales, then it must also be about people, not clicks. This seemed to be the focus of yesterday’s one-day SEW Live in Columbus, OH (you might call it SES Lite), as marketers explore the transition from search engine marketing to social media marketing.

SEW Live – Link Building

Collyn Floyd, online marketing/PR specialist for the Karcher Group, spoke at SEW Live Columbus, Ohio giving tips on link building.

SEW Live – Measuring Social Media

The saying “all publicity is good publicity,” has, I think, been pretty much dismissed by now.  But to what degree, and in what instances?  Sage Lewis, founder and president of Sage Rock, considered those questions (among others) during his talk on “Measuring the Impact of Social Media” at yesterday’s SEW Live event.

SEW Live – Keyword Advice From the Pros
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There’s a lot of minutiae in managing a keyword campaign. It doesn’t seem to be merely an exercise to test your tolerance for tediousness, though – at least it pays off in the end. At SEW Live in Columbus, OH, the panel of keyword campaign experts dropped a ton of tips to act as headlamps as you dig down into the keyword mines.

Note: The information presented here pertains to CPC content (contextual) advertising, not CPC search advertising.

SEW Live – Accessibility Good For Profits, Karma

The Web is the future, and the Web should be everybody’s future, regardless of age or disability.  This was, in part, the message of James Golden, who spoke this afternoon at the SEW Live event in Ohio.

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