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Microsoftie Spills Live Search Beans

This guy’s going to get razzed for a month; they’ll probably call him "Trigger" in Redmond from here on out. Microsoft’s Akram Hussein, program manager for Windows Live Platform, was supposed to tell everybody about the new Live Search features at the Searchification event later. Doh!

Microsoft Rolling Out New Live Search

There are a mass of search folks gathering at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus today to learn about the roll out of the new Live Search.

Microsoft Live Search Plans Leaked by Employee
Just ahead of the big event scheduled to take place next week in Silicon Valley, Microsoft landed up in a big problem.

Microsoft To Launch Live Search 2.0
"Microsoft Live Search 2.0 get its public day in the sun on September 26”, reports Mary "An unblinking eye on Microsoft" Jo Foley.

“I’ve gotten a few tips about Live Search enhancements upon which Microsoft has been laboring — some of which might be discussed or shown at the upcoming Searchification event. Tipsters have said to watch for:

Nissan/Yahoo Live Sets Move To MTV

It was strange enough to see Nissan and Yahoo become involved with a series of live music concerts.  Now those concerts are being moved from the Web to cable TV, and they will wind up on MTV’s high-definition channel (known as MHD).

Microsoft, Think of the Users
Last week, Microsoft released the third beta version of Windows Live Writer, its free software that lets you write and publish posts to your blog from your PC rather than having to log in to your blog.

I use WLW and think it’s a terrific application.

Google Earth Gains Live Traffic Info
· 1

We’re still waiting to see this feature spread to more cities, but in the meantime, it’s spread to another program.  Now users of Google Earth can see the same real time traffic info that was once available only in Google Maps.

Windows Live Takes A SkyDrive

The product formerly known as Windows Live Folders has been renamed and opened up to people in the US, UK, and India.

Microsoft Search Gained Without Club Live
· 1

When web services firm Compete stripped out the Club Live numbers from MSN/Live Search share, Microsoft still enjoyed a month to month gain in search.

Beaches Tops In Web Cam Searches

Ah, the Web cam. So simple, so abused. But they can be used for good, and though you might assume the Internet (as in, the collective online population) uses them mostly for nefarious and seedy peeping-Tom purposes, that’s not really true, not mostly.

Microsoft Gains Not Our Loss, Says Yahoo

By the raw numbers, comScore’s assessment of June’s search market share showed a 2.9 point rise for Microsoft, while Google, Yahoo, and Ask collectively lost 2.9 points. Yahoo said the reason for this isn’t a zero-sum calculation.

Microsoft Offering Ads On MSN And Ask
· 1

Participants in the Microsoft Office Live adManager Beta can fire up their search campaigns by purchasing ads for display on MSN and Live Search, and on Ask Sponsored Listings.

Adobe: Ask Apple About Flash on iPhone

So, I’m sitting with Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Adobe, is proudly showing off his iPhone. That led me to ask “will we see Flash on the iPhone?” He said that I’d have to call Apple to find out about that.

Microsoft Buys Its Way To More Searches
· 3

MSN/Live Search received a substantial boost to its volume of queries after launching a game site that makes players use Live Search to gain points.

MSN Breaks Record With Live Earth Video Streams
· 1

Sometime Saturday, MSN broke the record for most live video streams, surpassing 10 million. Web surfers that didn’t tune into the Sundance Channel’s all-day coverage of the Live Earth concert, tuned in at MSN.

Microsoft Live Drive Enters Beta

Everyone’s keeping an ear to the ground for news concerning the mythical Gdrive, and unfortunately, I have no information on that front.  But a similarly named offering from Microsoft – Live Drive – may soon launch.

Blinkx, InfoSpace Partner

Video search engine blinkx has partnered with InfoSpace to provide video search for InfoSpace’s metasearch brands including Dogpile.com.

Study: Live Chat Ups Conversions Tenfold
· 29

Sales, online and off, are closed when the customer trusts the seller. To that end, how far does including live chat in the online sales and checkout process go toward sealing the deal? Numbers are coming in, and they’re looking good.

Build the Web, Stay Healthy and Live Happily

Normally, working at a computer isn’t considered as harmful as working on a toxic plant, poisonous factory or somewhere similar, though some (most?) people seem to enjoy it. However, it doesn’t mean that building the Web doesn’t negatively affect your health.

No Google Shirts Allowed At eBay Live

In a blog post on MyStoreSpace.com Alex E writes of a confrontation he allegedly had at an eBay Live closing party with eBay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gary Briggs and some security folks over suspicions of his ties to Google.

Wimbledon Live, You Supply The Strawberries
· 2

Tennis fans need not be limited in their Wimbledon viewing by the capricious whims of broadcast networks, thanks to another season of Winbledon Live online.

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