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Live Meeting 2007 – Web Access Problems

It turns out that while David Chao’s article was correct about the size of the Microsoft Live Meeting client download, that is only part of the story.

Microsoft Live Labs Listas Preview
Microsoft Live Labs have recently released their latest technology preview, Microsoft Live Labs Listas, a web-based application tool for the creation, management and sharing of lists, notes, favorites, and other such stuff.

Early Look: Microsoft Office Live Workspace
· 6

We have picked up a trio of screenshots of the forthcoming Office Live Workspace, which we’re just thrilled beyond rational thought to share with you.

Live Search Maps Gets Improved Interface

Microsoft shipped a new version of Windows Live Search Maps, one that comes with an all new, all better interface.

Office Live To Offer Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Watch reported that Microsoft has added Search Engine Marketing to the services Office Live businesses can use to help grow their websites.

Microsoft Breaks Out New Live Search Tools

Maps, local, and mobile services all figured in Microsoft’s latest updates to their Live Search product, following their work on the entertainment, health, and shopping search verticals.

Windows Live Events Wants To Plan Your Parties
· 2

What’s the most “fun” company you can think of?  Probably not Microsoft.  Yet the corporation’s Windows Live Events is here, and it wants to earn your favor.

Ballmer Gets Earful From Vista Mom

In my years of retail work, I’ve encountered tough guys, wicked old ladies, and thousands of screaming children.  Yet the scariest creatures are often the mothers of those children, and Steve Ballmer may have seen a hint of that when one woman confronted him over Windows Vista.

Live Search Boosts Shopping Vertical Results

Shopping has been one of the important verticals Microsoft focuses on with Live Search, and they have made some improvements to product searching there.

Back To School Season Benefits Search Engines

Pencil . . . check.  Paper . . . check.  Access to your search engine of choice . . . check.  Well, maybe schools aren’t putting Google on their supply lists, but the back to school season has turned out well for all the major search companies.

The Future of Web Apps London
Well it’s been a busy and crazy week but I’ve finally got some time to tell you all about my 3 Days in London attending The mashup* demo event and of course the awesome Future of Web Apps Conference and Expo which included the Live Filming of Episode 118 of Diggnation and the Carsonified Relaunch Party!

Long Live Free: How Free Makes Money
· 16

The concept of "free" isn’t exactly a new one, but it is taking on a sort of new life in the digital age as major publishers (slowly) warm up to the concept – except the recording industry, of course, where the "free" is usually coupled with "to help make us a lot more money."

Live Search Team Channeling Steve Ballmer
· 1

The excitable folks working on Live Search at Microsoft think they have come a long way in nine months with their work on relevance.

Yahoo Makes The Assist, Web 2.0-ifies Results
· 3

Just as the commotion died down over Microsoft’s Live Search update, Yahoo comes forward with some thunder of its own, unveiling its new Search Assist feature, an interface also focused more on user intent (the new buzz word in search, apparently), with a healthy dose of user-generated content thrown in for good measure.

Microsoft Reels In Jellyfish
· 1

Microsoft has acquired Jellyfish.com, a shopping search engine that shares its revenue from referred purchases with its users.

Microsoft Tweaks adCenter Quality Ranking

In an acknowledgment of how relevance in search advertising has been so successful, Microsoft moved to give higher quality ranked ads a better shot at appearing.

Microsoft, Adobe Scribble Online Docs Products
· 2

Adobe reached out to snap up Buzzword, an online word processor, while Microsoft looked inward to find its Office Live Workspace.

What’s Missing from the New Microsoft Live Search?

Marketing Pilgrim readers had a heads-up yesterday to expect a new interface and index from Microsoft’s Live Search.

Live Search Overhauled And Over-hyped?
· 25

Microsoft’s Live Search overhaul is, to understate it, aggressive, and their presentation of it dazzling to the point of euphoric. Their aim: To reclaim territory thought by some to be irretrievably lost to Google. And they believe they’ve done it, at least technologically. All that remains to be seen is if the searching public will respond.

And that’s a big if. 

Live Search Livens Up Search!

Microsoft has updated its Live Search in an effort to provide users with more relevant results and to further compete with Google and Yahoo and capture a bigger piece of the search market.

Live Search More Relevant Than Google? No.
· 1

Microsoft has issued a major update to Live Search, and the Live Search Team claims that, compared to the old version, the new one is “relevant, faster and easier to use.”  Fair enough, but the question remains: is it more relevant, faster, and easier to use than Google?  The answer: no.

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