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Microsoft Launches Alternative To Google Apps
Microsoft launched Windows Live Community Builder without any fan-fare or hoopla. This comes shortly after launching Live Search Webmaster Tools For Business.

Windows Live Translator For Your Site

Windows Live’s excellent Translator service has now released a single line of code that you can add to any website to give visitors the option of translating your website into their language of choice.

Just head to translator.live.com/AddIn.aspx, select the language your website uses, and it’ll give you the code. If your site is in English, this will be the code:

Live.com Plays Referrer Stats Games

While it is common, nowadays, to whine how Google shouldn’t tell people how to make money with their websites (like selling links), this time Microsoft has done the same.

Lately, it’s been noticed that Live.com spams the referrer logs of the websites, claiming that it is only about quality check.

Working at Microsoft – An adCenter Story

Editor’s note: On occasion we reach out to people in the search marketing industry we’ve come to know and respect with a request to contribute. Today’s contribution comes from Microsoft’s adCenter Community Manager – Europe, Mel Carson. Mel’s job is to support, educate & evangelize through the adCenter Blog, industry forums, and to speak about adCenter at conferences such as SMX, SES, Pubcon and others. Mel writes his own blog at DigiTales & Other Stories.

Live Search Club Turning into PR Disaster

It looks like the Windows Live Search Club, the puzzle game promotion that seemed so successful for Microsoft at first, is quickly turning into a PR disaster for the company.

The Club, which had searchers play puzzle games in order to win prizes, originally gave Microsoft a huge boost in search engine market share, a gain which has slowly dissapeared entirely in the last few months. Even worse, though, is the anger the Club’s fans are now turning towards the company.

Live Search Team Improves Product Searches
Microsoft Webmaster Portal Live in Beta

MSN Webmaster Portal was announced in August and was to be released into beta in September and be fully accessible by the end of November, however very little has been released since the initial announcement. Until now.

Live Search Plunges Into Electronics Vertical

Holiday shopping patterns mean all kinds of businesses can profit from the fourth quarter shopping frenzy. That includes search engines, as Microsoft demonstrated more of its vertical search strategy.

Live Blogging the Personal Branding Summit
This is a great sign.  Today there is a very unique event happening throughout the day – the Personal Branding Summit is a telesummit of some top speakers all talking about the topic of personal branding. 
Microsoft Launches New Windows Live Online Services
Microsoft has stepped up its software plus services strategy with the launch of its next generation of Windows Live services that make it easier than ever to communicate and share information safely, from anywhere, and across multiple devices.

Windows Live Communicates Its Relaunch

Goodbye, beta. The assortment of communication and other web services linked together under the Windows Live name offers a single sign-on to access all of its products.

Microsoft Spending $500M On Chicago Datacenter

A project to construct a massive datacenter near Chicago complements Microsoft’s establishment of other centers in Washington State and near San Antonio.

OpenSocial Now Live

In case you missed this news, Google’s OpenSocial API went live now (oh, and MySpace is now an official OpenSocial partner too, making Google-competitor Facebook come off as anti-social if they don’t join). The FAQ explains that…

Free 3D Modeling Added to Live Maps

Windows Live Maps continues to do amazing things with its 3D view, adding an experience that in many ways matches or surpasses Google Earth, all while running in nothing more than your regular web browser. The latest new feature is the ability to add 3D models to the map, a feature Google Earth accomplishes with Google SketchUp, and Live Maps now manages with the 3DVIA Technology Preview, a new, free online application developed by Dassault Systèmes.

Adding Windows Live Messenger To Your Blog

If you’d like to make it easier for people to contact you via your blog (or MySpace or whereever you can post code), Windows Live Messenger has a site where you can create a nice-looking button in seconds that will get them in touch with your Live Messenger screen name.

Live Search Continues Down Relevance Road

The Live Search team at Microsoft has been working on making their centerpiece product more effective at recognizing equivalences, and knowing when ‘the’ needs to be part of the query.

Microsoft’s Domain Name Registration Blowout

There are four posts at Resource Shelf, chock full of domains registered by or transferred to Microsoft, that you might be interested in.

Google Translate Using Home-Grown Software

Google has stopped using Systran for its translation services, switching over to an in-house translation system that it has been building for a long time. Google Translate, which translates words or phrases, whole web pages, and is used in the “Translate this page” link you’ll occasionally see by a foreign language search result, is now powered by Google’s own machine translation system.

Where Do Bloggers Live?

When it comes to blogging Austin tops the list with fifteen percent of adults living there who are bloggers according to a new report from Scarborough Research.

Microsoft Needs Live Search On Facebook

Shelling out $240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook may be Microsoft’s way of keeping Google away from the social networking site, but the deal may not be worth the money unless Microsft can get Live Search into the service.

Microsoft Live Search Gets More Intuitive

When you see a document riddled with typos and spelling errors, you may come to think of its author as sloppy or even stupid, but you’ll still be able to understand him.  A search engine, on the other hand, could balk at such mistakes.  Microsoft is trying to address this issue with two new features for Live Search.

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