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Windows 8 Is Already Bringing Out The Patent Trolls

Every new technology brings with it the risk of patent litigation. It’s an unfortunate reality that we must face. Windows 8 may have a broken a record, however, as its already on the receiving end of patent litigation after being available for less than a week. Prior Smart reports that SurfCast, a Portland-based OS development company, has filed a lawsuit …

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Windows 8 Gets The Start Button Back With This App

A lot of people, including yours truly, don’t like Windows 8 all that much. Most of our frustration comes from the fact that the newest OS forces you to boot into the Metro Windows 8 UI. It also got rid of the start button because Microsoft wanted to save space. Well, a new open source app will make all your …

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Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Is A Living Ecosystem Of Delight

The iPhone was pretty cool when it launched. Apps were revolutionary and it changed how we interact with mobile devices. Android took it one step further by having Live wallpapers and widgets that move and delight with flashing colors. Surprisingly, Windows Phone 8 differentiates itself and looks awesome at the same time. Microsoft revealed Windows Phone 8 today and it’s …

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