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Microsoft Live Search to Be Rebranded?

Rumors have been flying around about a possible rebranding of Microsoft’s search engine from Live Search to a few other names that Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet reported on. Names being tossed around include: Bing, Hook, and Kumo (which means "cloud" or "spider" in Japanese).

Foley went after the public opinion on which one would be best and the results so far are as follows:

Microsoft Travels The Silk Road

Microsoft has launched a new project aimed at web publishers and developers, entitled "Project Silk Road," in which the latest step combines a content management system with the ability to sell ads. Microsoft explains more about Silk Road:

PubCon: Microsoft Live Search Keynote Address
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Microsoft’s moving forward in more ways than one.  Even as it announced a new and more social Windows Live redesign this morning, Satya Nadella, a senior vice president, gave some details on the search side of things during a PubCon keynote.

Search Engines Celebrate Halloween
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In the Halloween spirit, Google has of course supplied us with a "doodle" for the day, but the interesting part of this to me as fan of horror films is that the doodle was designed by Wes Craven.
Wes Craven

Facebook Launches Microsoft Live Search Integration…

FacebookFacebook temporarily launched Microsoft Live Search integration with its site before removing it a short time later. It’s unclear why the feature has been removed, but the post announcing it on the Facebook Blog was removed as well, so I’m guessing it wasn’t quite ready for primetime, and they goofed.

Microsoft Adds Features to Live Search Maps
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We often get so caught up in what Google is doing with Google Maps that we sometimes forget there are other map services out there like Microsoft’s Live Search Maps. Well, they have reminded us today with the release of a bunch of new features.

Live Search Puts Translation Options in Results

Microsoft Live Search has rolled out a new translation feature in its search results. The feature is available through Live Search, IE8, the Windows Live Toolbar, and a translation bot for Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft Upgrades Live’s Webmaster Tools

Most people think the Webmaster Tools programs as a bit like black holes. You send in a question, concern or idea and nothing ever happens…it just sort of disappears.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the truth is light years away from this thinking.

Witness Live’s revised and expanded WMT program.

Microsoft Live Search Unveils Impressive Olympic Features
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A picture of an ice cave is currently displayed on the Live Search homepage, but Microsoft’s users aren’t being left in the cold when it comes to Olympic-related information.  Several special features have already launched, and even more are on the way.

The most immediately noticeable thing may be the disappearance of said ice cave.  In an email to WebProNews, a Microsoft spokesman wrote, "The Live.com Homepage will rotate Olympics images in the background for the duration of the games."

Microsoft Wields Updated Webmaster Tools
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Microsoft’s Live Search behavior should yield more information to site publishers as the company took its Webmaster Tools out of beta and tweaked them with some new features.

Got Crawl Issues? Live Search Can Help
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Microsoft launched its first major update to Live Search Webmaster Tools since November, adding crawl issue feedback, backlink data, improved filtering, and the ability to export data in CSV format to Excel for offline analysis. Update: Five minutes after publishing, the Live Search Webmaster Team let us know they were delayed a little, and that the update should go live at 5:00 EDT.

Microsoft, Facebook Seal Search And Ad Deal
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Not happy with Facebook’s search and advertising system?  Well, Microsoft’s going to try its hand at improving things.  A new deal between the two companies should bring Live Search aboard before winter begins.

Microsoft Opens Up About Future in Search

Robert Scoble scored a video interview with Brad Goldberg, manager of the Microsoft Search team, and had an interesting discussion on what Microsoft has up its sleeve as far as their future in search is concerned.

What kinds of things can they do to compete with Google? Scoble suggests that some Mahalo-type strategies could be in order.

Danny Sullivan Wants Search Choice In Firefox
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The relationship between Google and Mozilla keeps the Firefox maker well-funded, but apparently relegates the option for Microsoft’s Live Search to one step away for consumers.

Microsoft Enriches ‘Search And Give’ Charitable Program

Queries performed through the Live Search program operated by Microsoft generated over $250,000 for local schools and non-profits, and the company hopes to see even greater returns this year.

Live Search Rolls Out 404 Help

Microsoft offers webmasters a new toolkit to help them create dynamic 404 pages that can help get visitors back on track if they hit a dead end on a site.

Microsoft Enhances Wikipedia Results in Live Search

Until a couple of days ago, if you would type in a query that would be available on Wikipedia, then the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) just came out with the exact match and the link to the article.

Microsoft Burns Down Book Search
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Citing poor demand, Microsoft will back away from scanning and indexing books and academic works for Live Search

Microsoft Offering Cash Back Of Live Search Usage

Microsoft is all set to follow the footsteps of corporate banks that offer ‘CashBacks’ on Credit Card purchases.

Microsoft Close To Paying Live Searchers
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Nearly three years after declaring search engines may need to pay their users, Microsoft may be on the cusp of doing that for users of Live Search.

Live Search Drops Goodies Into Windows Mobile

Feedback from users of Microsoft’s Live Search for Windows Mobile drove the introduction of several new features for the service.