Ads Convert Better on Bing Than on Live Search?

Ads Convert Better on Bing Than on Live Search?

By Chris Crum June 30, 2009 | 2 Comments

Online marketing firm the Search Agency says that based on analysis of its own accounts, Microsoft search ads appear to be performing better since Bing launched.  The firm looked at the final three weeks of Live Search’s existence, and the first three of Bing’s.

IE 8 Equipped with Microsoft Live Search Accelerators
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A you’re probably aware, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 browser is now generally available. What you may or may not be aware of is that Microsoft has included some accelerators for Live Search within it.

Kumo Definitely Just a Testing Name (Or is it?)
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Update 2: LiveSide who shared that tweet about Microsoft saying Kumo was only a test name is now saying they made an error and the tweet didn’t actually come from Microsoft. So…disregard that. Let’s just say there’s no certainty one way or the other.

Microsoft Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Microsoft has been in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit this month. On the Live Search Blog, they recently reported that the number of people searching for green beer increased by 940% when March started.

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to map out the routes for St. Patrick’s Day parades and highlight items like Irish pubs in Live Search Maps.

Is Microsoft Going to Make Waves in Search This Year?

In a story we covered earlier this month, John Battelle accidentally typed livesearch.com into his address bar only to find a domain squatter. This of course led to speculation that Microsoft was close to rebranding its Live Search. They clearly were not too concerned about getting that domain (it’s still the same a couple weeks later).

Microsoft Adds “Cash Detector” To MSN Toolbar
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It’s ugly out there, folks.  Unemployment has hit a 25-year high, the Dow is at a 12-year low, and it’s impossible to go 10 minutes without hearing the term "Great Depression."  So if you’re looking to make any purchases online, the MSN Toolbar and its new "cashback-offer-detecting mechanism" may be just what the financial advisor ordered.

Microsoft Exec Lets Word Slip Of Live Search Rebranding
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The Live Search name looks to be nearing the end of its existence.  Barney Pell, the founder and CEO of Powerset who became a search strategist and evangelist for Microsoft post-acquisition, confirmed a pending change with a tweet this weekend.

Microsoft Readies Experimental Search Site

Microsoft has plans to launch an experimental search site called Viveri sometime this summer, the company announced at its TechFest event.

Viveri will allow researchers to test new concepts and receive public feedback without having to add features to Live Search.

Microsoft Live Search Cashback Program Stumbles

Microsoft’s Live Search cashback program is brilliant insofar as it recognizes that compensation makes the world go ’round; a little money helps people do things they don’t like or change old habits.  Only it appears that not everyone who’s participating the cashback program is receiving the key ingredient.

Not a Bad Month for Microsoft Live Search
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Microsoft didn’t have too bad a month of search in January. As Doug reported, comScore had Live Search’s market share rising from 8.3 to 8.5 percent.

Microsoft Names Most Popular “How To” Searches Of ’08

Like it or not, we’re now 35 days into 2009, and textbook writers are probably already trying to compose a few paragraphs about last year for the overpriced latest versions.  Microsoft may want to help, as it’s just released a list of the top "how to" queries of 2008. 

Microsoft Doesn’t Own Livesearch.com
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Livesearch.com is not owned by Microsoft. This may not be news to some, but it’s not a subject that’s gotten much attention until today. John Battelle accidentally typed livesearch.com into his address bar and got a domain squatter.

Live Search FireFox Add-On Gets Suggestions
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If you’re a Firefox user that is also a fan of Microsoft’s Live Search, you will be happy to know that the Live Search add-on for Firefox has brought autosuggestions to the browser.

I’m sure you’re familiar with search suggestions. All the major search engines have them. You start typing and it gives you a list of possible queries.

Microsoft Jumps on the News Alert Bandwagon
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Google has been offering news alerts for years. It’s been a handy way to get updates on particular topics of interest via your inbox, or more recently, your feed reader.

Live Search Highlights Malicious Sites in Results
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About two years behind Google, Microsoft has finally decided to start marking malicious sites in the search results for Live Search. Better late than never though, I suppose.

Live Search Updates Webmaster Center
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Microsoft Live Search unveiled its Webmaster Center Fall Update today, which includes two new features, one for combating malware, the other to simplify the authentication process.

Searching for Microsoft’s Instant Answers
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Microsoft’s Live Search has been the object of some criticism lately since rumors have been swirling about a possible rebranding. That will likely continue in part due to the "instant answers" the Live Search team is touting today.