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Microsoft’s Kumo Will Only Come with Minor Tweaks
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What can you expect from Microsoft’s rebranded search engine? A new name, and not a whole lot else from the sound of it. As you’ve probably read by now, Kumo is the name that is most commonly associated with the search engine, though Microsoft has not officially named it.

Microsoft Doesn’t Own Livesearch.com
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Livesearch.com is not owned by Microsoft. This may not be news to some, but it’s not a subject that’s gotten much attention until today. John Battelle accidentally typed livesearch.com into his address bar and got a domain squatter.

Live Search FireFox Add-On Gets Suggestions
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If you’re a Firefox user that is also a fan of Microsoft’s Live Search, you will be happy to know that the Live Search add-on for Firefox has brought autosuggestions to the browser.

I’m sure you’re familiar with search suggestions. All the major search engines have them. You start typing and it gives you a list of possible queries.

Microsoft Jumps on the News Alert Bandwagon
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Google has been offering news alerts for years. It’s been a handy way to get updates on particular topics of interest via your inbox, or more recently, your feed reader.

Feedback for the Virtual Earth Team

The Virtual Earth team wants our feedback.

Wonderful. Kudos to any company that wants its customers’ feedback and offers a participatory approach. So, here’s my feedback…

Microsoft added a LOT of whizbang features to its maps.live.com maps (3D, lots of photos, and such) but they didn’t focus on the basics.

Live.com Upgrades in progress

Wow, that’s fast. There are a few teams pulling an all-nighter across the freeway from where I’m sitting right now (yeah, I’m still at the office at 1:46 a.m.) working on pushing up new code to Live.com and Richard MacManus already has a post about the changes.