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Are Year-End Search Lists Meaningless?
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It’s that time of year again. You know, the time for “The Year In Review” lists by the thousands telling us what was cool and popular in whatever niche you can imagine. Of course, the search engine industry is not immune from taking the yearly look-back, compiling most popular search lists for our amusement.

An excellent website about ReportViewer
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ReportViewer is a freely redistributable control that enables embedding reports in applications developed using the .NET Framework. Reports are designed with drag-and-drop simplicity using Report Designer included in Visual Studio 2005 (Standard editon and above.)

Habeas Creates Sender Reputation Lists

Habeas Inc. announced the creation of SenderIndex, an email reputation database of over 60 million IP addresses and domains, designed to help authenticate email senders. And it’s free, too.

Cool New Features in Skype Beta

Skype launched a new beta (version today of its software for Windows that has some pretty neat new features.

Listible.com Is Irrelistible
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For the Type A Capricorn, making a list is what fooling around under the bleachers is to Type Z Sagittarius-ecstasy of the highest unadulterated order. On the Top 10 List of Great Things About Lists, is that old order out chaos idea, deplored by the impetuous Sag, but loved by the users of Listible.com-the listiest Web 2.0 site on the Net.

What to Watch With Google Video

The Google Video store is finally open and the Google Blog lists some of its content providers.

Bloggers Commit: New Years Resolutions 2006
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New Years Resolutions are a staple of life. As the calendar changes from the old year to new, people get the urge to turn a page in their own lives.

Yahoo Blasts Into The Shoposphere

Just in time for the holiday shopping rush, Yahoo has made a “social commerce” update to its site to add community feedback on products to the shopping experience.

Martha Stewart Taps SEO For Apprentice

If David Karandish doesn’t win the competition for a place at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, he can always go back to his SEO gig.

How To Gain A Customer Base From Mailing Lists?

Building up email address lists of potential and real customers is important in order to convert traffic into sales. People who are interested in the issue of a website can be informed regularily about special offers and news. A good email address list of buying customers is a good tool for the customer relationship management.

Blogebrity – Creating Blogging Buzz in 3 Easy Lists

I’ve been watchign the Blogebrity Blog with interest this week – it’s been quite an amusing read and a great example of how a blog can get some big inbound links and a lot of buzz from the blogosphere with a little controversy, humor and by listing some big blogs as A-List Blogs…

Mailing Lists Keeping it Simple

The right direct mailing list targets people who want your product or service.

SANS Top 20 Lists Vulnerabilities

Potential issues for Microsoft, Unix, and yes, Mac, platforms listed by the information security firm in its quarterly listing.

BBC Radio Launches Tech Blog, Sort Of

The BBC moves in mysterious ways regarding blogs, it often seems to me. Earlier this week, one of the BBC’s UK domestic radio stations…

FT Columnist Says He Scans Blogs for Scoops

James Altucher, a columnist from the Financial Times, writes that every day he reads several blogs …

Ignoring The IRS (and the 5 best ways to contact them!)

We all love to criticize the IRS, don’t we? And I’m just as guilty as anyone. It’s easy to ridicule a huge organization of government bureaucrats who often seem to be Public Enemy #1.

MSN Lists Search Engine Vacancies at JobsInSearch.com

JobsInSearch.com, the specialist job site for the search engine industry, have announced that MSN Search have chosen JobsInSearch.com to list their search engine related vacancies.

How to Build Massive Keyword Lists

As keyword marketing becomes more and more expensive and competitive, it has become essential when building your lists to focus on the maximum number of phrases and their variations that a surfer might enter into the search engines.

AMEX Lists Common Stock of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals

The American Stock Exchange (Amex) today listed the common stock of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. under the ticker symbol LIV.

Survey: CollegeJournal.com Lists Starting Salaries

Starting salaries for new graduates vary greatly, says CollegeJournal.com, The Wall Street Journal’s guide for career-minded college students.

How to Find Lists of Prospects

Recently I was asked:

“We are just starting a cold calling process and I was wondering if you had any ideas on what publications we could use to track down businesses based on industry, turnover, staff numbers etc.”

– Brendan.