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Lisa Lampanelli: Insult Comic Talks 107-Pound Weight Loss and Keeping It Off for Three Years

Lisa Lampanelli lost 107 pounds following gastric sleeve surgery three years ago, and even more impressive than that–she’s kept the weight off. Known for both her hilarious insults and her success on Celebrity Apprentice, the 53-year-old comedienne dished recently to The Huffington Post. When asked about whether there’s a new man in her world, Lisa Lampanelli–who is recently divorced–said no. …

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Comedian: 106 Pounds Lost Since Surgery

Lisa Lampanelli is known as one of the most insulting of insult comics, but that doesn’t mean she was immune to the insults being thrown her way during her numerous roast appearances. One year ago, Lampanelli underwent weight loss surgery, getting a gastric sleeve implanted. Since that time the comedian has been shedding weight, but this week she got a …

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Lisa Lampanelli Talks To Dr. Oz About Huge Weight Loss

Lisa Lampanelli is best known for hurling insults at people–mostly her friends–while onstage, either during her standup comedy routine or at various Comedy Central Roasts. But since her weight loss surgery five months ago, she’s dropped 80 pounds and is gaining some attention for her new look. Lampanelli says she’s tried for years to stop overeating and drop the excess …

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Lisa Lampanelli Roasts Dayana Mendoza

Outspoken comic Lisa Lampenelli has roasted many of her famous friends, including Flavor Flav (which may be my favorite appearance of hers ever), but they’re always in good humor. “Celebrity Apprentice”, however, brought out that famous brash wit with just a touch of pissed-off last night when team leader Dayana Mendoza got under her skin during their project. Mendoza, a …

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