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Lisa Kudrow Loses In Court; Must Pay Ex-Manager

It certainly hasn’t been former Friends star Lisa Kudrow’s day, week, month, or even her year. After testifying in court about owing millions to her ex-manager, the verdict came back against the 50-year-old actress. In a 10-2 decision, the jury awarded the plaintiff Scott Howard $1.6 million. Howard had sued Kudrow over claims that she had reneged on a verbal …

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Lisa Kudrow Loses Battle Against Ex-Manager, Plans to Appeal

Lisa Kudrow finds herself in an unfriendly battle with her ex-manager Scott Howard. Howard claims Kudrow and he made an oral agreement that ensures that he still gets paid a percentage of her earnings from Friends’ residuals. Howard states that he was owed  five percent of Kudrow’s continued payments from Friends reruns. He argues that because she obtained the job …

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Lisa Kudrow Loses Lawsuit, Must Pay $1.6 Million

Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame lost the civil lawsuit her former manager filed against her. The jury awarded the plaintiff in the case, Scott Howard, $1.6 million. Howard filed the suit, claiming he was owed residual payment from Kudrow’s days on Friends. In a 10 to 2 decision in favor of Scott Howard, the jury determined the actress is liable …

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