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Sofia Vergara And Reese Witherspoon Lip-Sync On Their ‘Lunch Brake’

It was a close friendship that people could see developing. Sofia Vergara and her current best bud Reese Witherspoon continue to have fun while promoting their new movie Hot Pursuit. The two ladies recently showed off their lip syncing prowess on Instagram, with Reese and Sofia each uploading a video of themselves singing Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” and …

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Britney Spears Being Accused Of Lip-Syncing

Britney Spears recently performed her newest hit song Perfume during her Las Vegas performance. However, the performance didn’t go over well with her fans, who are now accusing her of lip-syncing. According to the gossip site Oh Not They Didn’t! , Spears is moving her lips to the words, but the audience is only hearing Sia’s version on the song. …

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Queen Fan Records Awesome Time-Lapse Lip-Sync

A young Queen fan decided a few years back to record himself lip-syncing to the song “Don’t Stop Me Now”, which doesn’t sound all that impressive…until you realize that he did it every day for those three years and then created a time-lapse video of it. Matt Perren says he started working on the video on January f, 2011 and …

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