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Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Lions

A Copenhagen zoo is receiving criticism from the public after euthanizing four healthy lions. The zoo said that it plans on introducing a new male lion to the pride and chose to euthanize the lions because they were either too young or too old to defend themselves from the new lion and would have been killed. “Because of the pride …

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Zoo Kills Lions in Copenhagen, Causes Outcry Over Twitter

The Copenhagen Zoo has killed four lions in preparation of the arrival of a new male lion after it failed to find them new homes. The lions, two cubs and their parents, were the same ones that fed on a giraffe they put down last month. NBC news reported the zoo received death threats over the public killing, skinning, and …

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NFL Coaches Fired – On Black Monday

This Black Monday is gonna hurt, and experts claim this axe isn’t coming up for air anytime soon. During the regular season, at least four head coaches were fired, on what is becoming known as Black Monday in the NFL world. All because these teams were out of playoff picture? The Redskins, Mike Shanahan is no longer head coach. The …

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Lion Tacos Pulled After Restaurant Generates Controversy

There was a time when you could go into a restaurant in Tampa and get yourself some lion meat tacos. Those days are now behind us. Taco Fusion has reportedly pulled lion from the menu after causing a media stir. “There’s nothing like eating a predator to make you feel like a predator,” said one patron in the above Fox …

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Lion Kills Heron in Zoo Incident Caught on Film

Anyone who has ever been to a zoo knows that they are usually pretty docile places. The animals, being animals, mostly lounge around all day. This is especially true for big cats, which don’t seem to have temperaments much different from the house cats all of us on the internet are so familiar with. However, big cats still possess their …

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