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Lionfish Invasion: Recipe for Revenge

There have been many reports about the out-of-control lion fish population in the Atlantic ocean along the east coast. The lionfish grows up to 18 inches long. Lionfish are skilled hunters known to eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths. There are estimates that about 70 percent of the Atlantic’s fish species are fair game for the …

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Lionfish Invasion Could Lead To What’s For Dinner

Lionfish, the prickly fifteen-inch increasingly dominant Atlantic marine creature, is growing in abundance at an alarming rate. Intimidating to stare down, these fish are becoming quite the appetizing dish lately. Lionfish are presently considered a threat due to the excessive growth rate (females can produce 30,000 to 40,000 eggs at one time) of these spiked fish, which led to efforts …

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Lionfish Invasion: Atlantic Ocean Not The Same

Venomous. Fast. Deadly. Will swallow food whole every time. Subject to only one known predator, which includes humans. What could this describe? The lionfish (native of the Pacific and Indian oceans) is the creature that is now taking over the Atlantic Ocean. Roughly sized at fifteen inches, these marine creatures are not intimidating for their size, but rather the poisonous …

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