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Broadcom RAIDCore RAID Controller Cards Now Support Linux

Broadcom’s SATA-based RAID Controller Cards Now Available for Red Hat and Fedora Linux OS Platforms.

Novell Announces Beta Availability of Novell Open Enterprise Server

Novell today announced the upcoming public beta software availability of Novell Open Enterprise Server, incorporating the best from leading commercial and open source networking platforms along with integrated management tools, identity-based services and an entire ecosystem of support backed by Novell to meet enterprise-class computing needs.

Novell Announces Establishment of Porting and Migration Network to Promote Linux Adoption

Novell announced the establishment of its Porting and Migration Network, an initiative designed to help customers and software and hardware partners make the move to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server quickly and cost effectively.

Novell Announces Immediate Availability of Novell ZENworks 6.6 Linux Management

Novell today announced the immediate availability of Novell ZENworks 6.6 Linux Management, a complete Linux* software management system that helps cut IT costs by dramatically reducing the required overhead to manage Linux software package updates.

New Gupta Database Allows Easy Transition from Windows to Linux

Gupta Technologies has released an innovative new database that will allow an easy transition of applications from a Microsoft Windows environment to the Linux platform.

upSuite High Availability Middleware Program Successfully Ported to Linux

Product Enables 99.999% Availability of Telecom and Enterprise Networking Applications Using Carrier-Grade Linux on Intel Architecture-Based Platforms.

Novell Joins China Linux Standards Group

Reflecting its commitment to one of the fastest growing Linux markets, Novell has joined the China Linux Standards Group, launched this spring by the Chinese government to promote Linux* in China.

Linux to Enjoy Double-Digit Growth

Survey shows only 4% of UNIX users and 10% of Windows users have any desire to switch platforms.

AOL Dialer Now Available for Desktop Linux Users

New Beta Version Open Source Dialer Permits AOL Subscribers to Use Linux Operating System.

Versata Logic Server on IBM eServer iSeries Running Linux Now Available

Versata today announced general availability of the Versata Logic Server, version 5.6.2, for the IBM WebSphere Application Server on IBM eServer iSeries hardware running Linux.

Logicworks Announces Availability of Managed Oracle 10g for Linux

Logicworks today announced the availability of Managed Oracle 10g for Linux as part of its managed database hosting services.

HP Expands Thin Client Portfolio with First Linux Offering

HP today expanded its thin client lineup with the introduction of the HP Compaq Thin Client t5515 – the first of the t5000 series to offer the Linux operating system.

Use shared objects on Linux

Make shared memory work for you, not against you

File and Email Encryption with GnuPG (PGP) Part Six

Last time I showed you how to exchange and verify public PGP keys with an individual. After you’ve verified a user’s key (KeyID, bits, type, fingerprint, and user’s actual identity) you should sign their key.

File and email encryption with GnuPG (PGP) part five

Verification is part of any security system. SSH, FTP, POP, and IMAP servers ask for your password before it lets you log into the machine, get your files, or snag your email. NTP can be configured to require keys before it’ll let you mess with it’s clock. CIFS requires a password or kerberos tickets before granting you access to shares.

File and Email Encryption With GnuPG (PGP) Part Four

GnuPG and other PGP implementations allow you to encrypt (scramble the data so only intended recipients can read it) and/or sign (provide proof that the data has been unaltered in transit). As you should remember, PGP keys are made up of two parts, a public key and a private key. The public key can (and in most cases should) be available to anyone – there’s no harm in allowing it out to the entire world. The private key should be kept somewhere secure, protected with a strong passphrase.

File and Email Encryption with GnuPG (PGP) Part One

File and mail security is easy to achieve with the right tools. PGP has proven itself the leader, and GnuPG is the tool of choice in the Linux world.

Automating Tasks in Linux using Cron

Linux has a powerful task scheduler called Cron. Cron will allow you to run commands automatically at times specified by you. Cron is similar to the task scheduler you find in Windows. To keep track of the schedules and tasks it has to run, Cron requires a file called Crontab (CRON TABle). All the Cron schedules and tasks should be stored in this table. The Crontab files cannot be directly edited. You can add or delete entries in the crontab file using the crontab command.

IT Certification and Career Trends for 2004
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What are your IT Career and Certification expectations for year 2004? While certifications can give you an edge, going for just any certification doesn’t help. What is your career focus? New or old activities, what is your focus? New does not always translate to good or wise. It makes sense to review and analyze trends that will affect your career in 2004.

Kerio Mail Server

The Kerio Mail Server is a cross platform ( Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX) mail server. I tested it on RedHat Linux 8.

Lost Root Password (Linux)
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I have a very good memory. I remember most of my client’s passwords (there are a few I forget regularly for no reason that I can understand, but I really do know most), I remember telephone numbers, and of course I know my own passwords. That last isn’t as easy as it might sound, because I have quite a few different systems and each has its own password, but though I might use the wrong one now and then, I’ll get it on the second or third try.