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Jeremy Lin May Not Re-Sign with the New York Knicks

Jeremy Lin, the guy who brought “Linsanity” to the New York Knicks, is a restricted free agent this summer, which means that he can pretty much sign with whoever he wants. Assuming, of course, that they want him, as well. The Knicks will have an opportunity match any offers, which I’m sure they will given Lin’s talent and popularity. And …

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Ben & Jerry’s Creates a New Ice Cream Flavor to Support Gay and Interracial Marriage

In support of gay marriage in the U.K, Ben & Jerry’s launched a new ice cream flavor called Apple-y Ever After. The creamy concoction was developed after a gay rights organization drafted a bill to legalize weddings between same-sex couples in the U.K. Ben & Jerry’s Europe llaunched a letter-writing campaign to urge members of parliament to support gay marriage, …

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Jeremy Lin’s Boxers Up For Grabs On eBay

I’m just as tired of all the Linsanity jokes as I’m sure you are, in fact, I’m more tired of the Jeremy Lin jokes than I am of the hype that surrounds him. I don’t care that ESPN spends the entire day talking about him because that’s just less time that they have to talk about Tim Tebow. The point …

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The Simple Rules For Covering Jeremy Lin

After ESPN’s unfortunate choice of words to describe one of Jeremy Lin’s basketball loses, the concept of treading lightly in relation to Lin’s race has become something of a hot button issue. Thankfully, the Asian American Journalists Association is here to help. In order to avoid any potential embarrassment, the AAJA released something of a manifesto for covering Linsanity, complete …

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Mark Zuckerberg Has Linsanity, Too

As you can see, the world clearly belongs to Jeremy Lin and we’re all just living in it because he allows us to exist. The glow from Lin’s swagger is so bright, tech industry mavens are even drawn to it. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg. Who knew the kid who was portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg as being socially inept would one …

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ESPN’s Overreaction Indicates A Linsanity Tipping Point

Over at FreeDictionary.com, the word/term “chink” has a number of definitions, including the word’s racial epithetical implications. There’s also this specific example — 1. a small narrow opening, such as a fissure or crack, chink in one’s armour, a small but fatal weakness — while the armor relation was bolded, perhaps the following phrase, “a small but fatal weakness” best …

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