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The AP Links, But For Those Running AP Stories, It’s Up To Them

This week, we ran an article about the Associated Press and its linking policies, which pointed out an article that seemed to be doing the kind of thing the organization has historically frowned upon from others – short articles based on someone else’s original reporting, linking to the original. While that was largely the point of the article, we also …

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Google On How A Lot Of Your Links Don’t Count

Google has over 200 signals it uses to rank results. Given Google’s legendary PageRank algorithm, based on links, it has led to a lot of people worrying about links way too much. That’s not to say quality links aren’t still important, but just because you have a whole bunch of links, it doesn’t mean your site is going to rank …

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Are You Surprised That Google Doesn’t Like Paid Blog Networks?

Google has been cracking down on lesser quality content littering its search results a great deal over the past year – probably more than any other time in the search engine’s history. Obviously, to those who follow the search industry, the Panda update has been leading the charge in this area. Google has been de-indexing blog networks that webmasters have …

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The Pirate Bay Blocked By Windows Live Messenger

The Pirate Bay has been attacked repeatedly in the past few months by various countries and ISPs attempting to block access to them. The site may even be blocked by the UK in the very near future. The tracker is even expecting a raid on their headquarters in the near future.The current blockage is different, however, as it’s being enforced …

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Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For?

Should you have to pay to link? Sadly, it’s a question we keep having to ask, because organizations and lawmakers keep giving us reason to. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know my stance on this: the web is based on pages freely linking to each other, and when barriers are set up that impede that, it makes …

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Content Marketing Infographic Looks At “Heart Of Online Success”

Content+ put together the following infographic breaking down “the anatomy of content marketing,” which it calls the “heart of online success”. It draws on data from a variety of sources as cited at the bottom. Some interesting stats it lays out: – Word of mouth is the primary factor behind up to 50% of buying decisions – Blogs on company …

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Reddit Topped Two Billion Pageviews In December

Reddit had one hell of a December. In fact, they had a December that was more than twice as good as last December. Reddit’s Erik Martin just told the Daily Dot that the social aggregation site topped two billion pageviews last month. A 2010 post shows that number crushes the December 2010 number, a still sizable 829 million pageviews. That …

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